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The Gost Vapor brand for years has been one that has brought joy and value to the vaping community as countless vapors have found solace and delight with their products.

What is Gost Nic Salt?

Known for producing a unique variety of premium grade vape juice flavors, Gost Vapor remains a prominent source for some of the most delectable and ingenious e juice blends available to the public. If you need to find something new and exciting to vape on, Gost Vapor is sure to manufacture something that will appease your need for luxury and reliability. Their newest series, Gost Nic Salt is aimed at the pod vaping community with a collection of nicotine salt formulated e liquids.

What are nicotine salt products and what does that mean for Gost Nic Salt?

From the consistent influx of new vapers picking up low-wattage, refillable pod vaping systems, Gost Vapor decided to craft one of the first popular menus of nicotine salt formulated e liquids. The Gost Nic Salt collection quickly becoming the standard of excellence the rest of the scene looked towards for direction as it delivers refreshing and exhilarating flavor profiles in a smooth and bold vaping experience designed for pod vaping devices. These flavors utilize a higher concentration of more naturally found nicotine to help smokers make the transition from smoking to vaping easier.

What flavors does Gost Nic Salt offer?

The Gost Nic Salt collection is composed of five delightful and soothing e juice blends that utilize a high dosage, more natural form of nicotine to provide a smoother ride. The five flavors that comprise the Gost Nic Salt menu: Tobacco, Sweets, Fruit, Menthol, and Lemon Cream,Β 

What are the most popular Gost Nic Salt flavors?

Each flavor is simplistic and direct to provide a no-messing around flavor ride. Tobacco is a classic and bold rendition of finely cured Virginia tobacco that will leave you feeling classy. Sweets is a timeless peach and pineapple flavored gummy candy wrapped up in a smooth hitting vape juice solution. Fruit is a crisp and refreshing burst of succulent apple juice that brings memories of snack time rushing across your taste buds. Menthol is a pure and exhilarating explosion of icy menthol and bright mint notes for a chilling punch of coolness. Lemon Cream is the fifth and final flavor released so far from Gost Nic Salt and is a delectable pairing of zesty lemon with rich cream for a decadent dessert treat.

Where can I buy Gost Nic Salt e liquids?Β 

If you are ready to treat your taste buds to a whole new world of distinct flavors using your favorite pod device, then it may be time to score a bottle from Gost Nic Salt from Gost Vapor today from us here at VapeJuice.comΒ in 30ml bottles with either 35mg or 50mg of salt nicotine and elevate your vaping journey to a whole new level.

Don't be afraid of ghosts, just grab a bottle of Gost Nic Salt and relax.

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