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Get ready to get Geeked Out!

Bad Drip, one of the most well known and well-loved e juice brands in all the land, has brought you a new flavor line, Geeked Out. Geeked Out has four fruity premium e juice flavors that are to die for!

Some of the most notable flavors from this collection are Dork Breath and Brace Face. Though their names may be off-putting, the e juices are quite the opposite. You will fall in love with each one of Geeked Out’s new vape juices.

Dork Breath has the luscious impression of watermelon lemonade, and it is every bit as good as it sounds. The juicy watermelon gives a sweet top off to the tart lemonade flavoring.

Brace Face is like a handful of strawberries, a tart mango, and juicy peaches all perfectly blended into one amazing e liquid. This is by far the next best lemonade flavored e liquid.

Bad Drip is one of the original vaping companies. They have had time to master and perfect their e juice recipe with the most quality ingredients available. Geeked Out is going to be the hottest new collection on the market!

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