Geek Vape Rebuildable Atomizers

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Geek Vape is a reliable hardware company that has roots based in Shenzhen, China. They came to life in 2015 and have since created multiple pieces of equipment that have become extremely popular in the vape industry. They have produced multiple tanks and RDA’s that produce some serious flavor as well as beastly clouds. They have an innovative team that conducts extensive research to produce the most functional and technologically advanced products on the market. Dedicated to superior quality, Geek Vape has made a serious contribution to the e-cigarette industry with their creation of The Avocado RDA, The Avocado Genesis Tank, The Griffin Tank Series, and the Tsunami RDA series. All of their hardware is made from durable and long lasting materials to insure that you get your money's worth. Geek Vape has been around for a while and we are excited to see what is next to come from them. Scroll through our growing inventory of Geek Vape products and find something that fits your liking. We assure you that whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed.

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