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Experience some of the purest tasting e liquids of the highest quality with Fumi Vapor.

What is Fumi Vapor?

Based out of North Hollywood, California, the staff at Fumi Vapor realized that vaping is not only the healthy alternative for smokers in general, but the healthy alternative for the earth. They use only kosher, USDA grade ingredients and state of the art clean rooms when producing their vape juice flavors to ensure quality, healthiness, and cleanliness. They also put just as much effort in their bottle art and packaging, insisting upon the fact that each remarkable label represents the flavor that you taste.

What are some of the best tasting Fumi Vapor e liquids?

The Fumi Vapor collection is a widespread series of delectable e juices but as of now we only carry the two best blends: Tobacco and Menthol. The Tobacco flavor captures a robust and bold classic cut tobacco taste that will bring home the flavor of smoking a rich Virginia-grown tobacco leaf with every inhale. Menthol is for those who look for a cooler vaping experience, diving headfirst into a pool of icy mint and menthol notes that will your a frosty taste in your mouth.

Where can I buy Fumi Vapor e juices?

The Tobacco and Menthol flavors from Fumi Vapor are carried here at VapeJuice.com in nicotine concentration levels of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg and are packed into 60ml bottles for your convenience. Both of the blends are produced with a standard solution of 70% VG and 30% PG meaning every inhale will provide intense flavor followed by thick and dense clouds on the exhale.

Experience refined quality with an all day vape juice flavor from Fumi Vapor.

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