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When it comes to the best premium vape juice brands in the world, Fruit Buster is always in the conversation. The talk in the vaping industry is all around Fruit Busters and the delicious flavors that have just been released!

Fruit Busters is a brand new flavor line that is produced and manufactured by the reputable company Mad Duck Vapors. Mad Duck Vapors is the company that is the mastermind behind some of the world’s most popular flavor lines such as Rotten Juice, Quench, DRYD, and Pampa E Juice.

All of these flavors line have seen some serious success and were carried in some of the world’s largest online vape shops. Multiple of these flavor lines were best sellers here at Vape Juice, but nothing matches up to Fruit Busters.

Fruit Busters specializes in fruit based flavored e liquids that have complementing flavor notions added into the mix that blow the competitive out of the water. Whether you like candy, straight up fruit, or menthol themed premium vape juice, Fruit Busters has it all for you!

Fruit Busters Expert Flavor Review:

Pomberry Ice

Pomberry Ice has a wonderful pomegranate, mixed berry, and menthol flavor profile that will serenade the hearts of your taste buds which each taste. While the inhale is more pomegranate and mixed berry themed, the exhale focuses more on the ice factor which everyone cannot get enough of!

Each hit is just as delicious as the last one which makes this premium vape juice flavor the perfect choice. The never fading flavor experience is what puts this liquid ahead of the competition.

Atomic Melon

The name Atomic Melon perfectly fits this vape juice flavor. The watermelon candy profile coats the taste palate in strong, sweet, and fruity flavor sensations in such a perfect way that you may never switch flavors again. Atomic Melon is a perfect example on why Fruit Busters is at the top of the food chain.


OPG by Fruit Busters is one of the most popular flavors in this premium line. OPG stands for Orange, Passion, and Guava. Individually, these three flavors are extremely delicious but when they are blended together what takes place is indescribable which is why OPG is one of the hottest flavors out.

Berry Dynamite

If you are looking for an explosion of flavors from the very first inhale, Berry Dynamite is going to be your go-to flavor. The strawberry, peach, and menthol flavor profile provides a flavor experience that cannot be found in any other liquid in the industry. 

Get those taste buds ready because when you first taste this delectable flavor combination, you will not be able to switch to another flavor ever again!

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