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French Toast Vape Juice

You can always count on the French to do amazing things with food, and we think that one of the nation’s most important food accomplishments is the invention of the perfect use for stale bread. Pain perdu – we call it French toast in the United States – is made by soaking slices of dry bread in egg custard and frying them in a pan until they’re golden and delicious. With that invention, there was no longer any need to discard dry bread. The world rejoiced! French toast remains a popular breakfast around the world, and that means it is also one of the most popular flavor profiles for breakfast e-liquids.

What Does French Toast Vape Juice Taste Like?

French toast vape juice contains the flavor of bread, of course, and it almost always has a note of maple syrup as well. Butter flavors are also common. What that means, in effect, is that French toast e-liquids and pancake e-liquids share several flavor notes. So, if you’re a vape juice maker, how do you create something that people can distinguish as a French toast e-liquid rather than a pancake e-liquid? We think that a touch of custard flavor is the thing that makes the difference. A good French toast should have a creamy egg custard on the inside, and you should always get a little bit of egg flavor when you vape a French toast e-liquid.

What Vape Juice Flavor Notes Pair Well With French Toast?

When e-liquid makers set out to create French toast e-liquid, their goal is generally to recreate the flavors that you’d experience in a traditional French toast breakfast – although you’ll sometimes taste a few augmentations as well. These are the flavor notes that you’re most likely to taste in a French toast e-liquid.

  • Butter and maple syrup are so common in French toast vape juice that they’re practically requirements. In the United States, we almost always top French toast with those ingredients, so without them, you might not recognize an e-liquid as tasting like French toast at all.
  • A dash of cream flavor can enhance just about any e-liquid, and that’s true of French toast vape juice as well. With the addition of a sweet cream note, a French toast e-liquid can taste like it’s topped with whipped cream.
  • It’s always fun to serve French toast with fresh fruit, so vape juice makers will play on that theme with notes of fruits like strawberry and blueberry. A dash of fruit flavor adds a welcome touch of tanginess to a French toast vape juice without disrupting its basic flavor profile.
  • Some e-liquid makers turn the flavor profile of French toast on its head by adding notes of toasted grains and milk and presenting the product as a cereal e-liquid rather than a traditional French toast vape juice.

What Are the Most Popular French Toast Vape Juices?

People love breakfast e-liquids, and French toast is one of the most common flavor profiles in that category after cereal. A few companies have really specialized in creating terrific breakfast e-liquids, though, and their French toast creations are truly special. These are our customers’ favorite French toast vape juices.

French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics

If you want to experience what French toast vape juice is all about, French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics is definitely the first e-liquid that you want to try. Vape Breakfast Classics is the industry’s first brand to focus exclusively on breakfast flavor profiles, and their e-liquids are as popular today as ever. This e-liquid delivers the timeless flavor of French toast slathered with maple syrup and butter before being finished with fresh blueberries and sweet whipped cream.

Krunchy Squares by Keep It 100

Krunchy Squares by Keep It 100 is the French toast cereal e-liquid of your dreams, plain and simple. With a base note of slightly malty toasted grain and a generous helping of spicy cinnamon, you’ll almost feel the crunch between your teeth as you vape this juice. A finishing note of creamy milk completes the ultimate cereal vape juice experience. If you like cereal e-liquids but are craving something a bit different from the typical fruity fare, you are really going to enjoy this e-liquid.

Deluxe French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics

The original French Dude e-liquid is an undisputed classic of the vape juice world. It’s so well regarded, in fact, that the folks at Vape Breakfast Classics saw fit to go back to the drawing board and design an e-liquid that would turn French Dude from a classy breakfast into a full-blown dessert with no restraint whatsoever. Deluxe French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics takes the original French Dude and adds a generous helping of vanilla ice cream along with crumbled flakes of fruity cereal and sweet marshmallows.

Blitz by Teardrip Juice Co.

If you’re interested in a French toast vape juice with a flavor profile a little more on the straightforward side, Blitz by Teardrip Juice Co. could definitely be the e-liquid for you. Imagine taking a double-thick slice of bread and turning it into the richest, most custardy French toast ever. Immediately after the slice comes out of the pan, you take a piping bag and inject the bread full of strawberry jam. Finally, you dust the strawberry-infused French toast with powdered sugar before serving it. Actually, now that we’ve described this e-liquid, it doesn’t sound straightforward at all – but it sure is delicious!

Frenchman Delight by Johnny Apple Vapes

We conclude our list of the best French toast vape juice with a product designed to do nothing more or less than capture the flavor of French toast in its purest form. Frenchman Delight by Johnny Apple Vapes begins with pure, custard-filled French toast at its absolute finest, and it piles that base flavor high with top notes of fresh blueberry and rich maple syrup. If you could ask for anything more from a perfect breakfast vape juice, we’re not sure what that could possibly be.

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