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We stay flipping packs of vape juice but you can catch a fade if you're not about Flippin Packs.

What is Flippin Packs?

When companies in the vaping industry want to release a flavor that may not fit into their normal menu, they will create other ventures to represent those products. This is the origin story of the Flippin Packs brand developed by Skwezed, one of the most distinguished names in the scene. Skwezed developed a massive reputation after launching their selection of smooth and pristine fruit flavored vape juice mixes that bring single fruit blends to life with a unique formula. The Flippin Packs collection is just the most recent venture launched by Skwezed and so far has been gaining quite a bit of steam within the vaping community.

What are the most popular Flippin Packs vape juice flavors?

As of right now the Flippin Packs menu only contains one delightful recipe. Watermelon aka Hubba Melon, a delightful fusion of refreshing watermelon chunks packed into a sugary candy reminiscent of a sugary bubblegum will delight your taste buds with a unique and juicy burst of flavor. With the first initial rip of Watermelon your tongue will be engulfed by a wave of succulent watermelon notes. The exhaled puff of vapor brings to light a sweet and sugary burst of bubblegum candy that the watermelon flavor melts into. Once the last bits of lingering vapor vanish into the air a residual watermelon flavored bubblegum candy treat clings to your palate. 

Is the Flippin Packs series of vape juices premium quality?

With the Flippin Packs collection being produced by Skwezed you can vape easy knowing each bottle is prepared by professionals in an ISO-certified lab where hygiene and safety are priority. Their recipes utilize the finest ingredients available in a sterile environment to ensure a premium grade product.

Where can I buy Flippin Packs e liquids?

At VapeJuice.com we currently carry the Watermelon blend by Flippin Packs in a 120ml package that features two individually wrapped 60ml squeeze bottles that you can order in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentration levels. Whether you are tired of vaping the same old things or have heard of Skwezed and want to see what else they have to offer, Flippin Packs is a wonderful place to start your journey.

Dive into a bottle of Watermelon by Flippin Packs and see for yourself why the community has been up in arms over this delicious series of premium e liquids.

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