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Relax your soul and calm your mind with a bottle of vape juice from Ethos Candy Treats.

What is Ethos Candy Treats?

Ethos Vapors is a brand that hit it big a few years back when they unleashed their collection of unique snack time inspired e liquids that took the dessert enthusiasts of the vaping community by storm. With a history of success and solid following of dedicated supporters, it was no surprise that Ethos Vapors began pursuing other ventures outside of their Crispy Treats menu of delightful marshmallow inspired vape juice blends. The result of hitting the lab to craft something new and unique? Ethos Candy Treats, a bold selection of sweet and sugary candy themed e juice flavors that have been gaining traction with the vaping scene. 

Where can I buy Ethos Candy Treats?

The Ethos Candy Treats menu is currently comprised of three seductive blends: Jaw Breaker, Peach Rings, and Fruit Bites, all of which we currently offer here at in a 120ml bottle that comes in available nicotine options of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg depending on your preferences. Each flavor captures a unique and timeless snack time treat that will bring nostalgia and joy to your tongue with every puff.

What are the best tasting Ethos Candy Treats vape juice flavors?

The Jawbreaker mix by Ethos Candy Treats is a top seller from the collection and captures a delightful hard candy mix of fruit punch and blue raspberry flavors. The Peach Rings blend is a throwback recipe that entails a rich rendition of a peach flavored gummy candy encrusted with a layer of sweet sugar crystals. Fruit Bites is for your inner child and consists of a rainbow of fruit flavored tart candies that bring tangy and sweet together in a smooth vaping experience.

Is Ethos Candy Treats a high quality juice?

The entire Ethos Vapors catalog including the Ethos Candy Treats collection is developed in an ISO-certified mixing facility where only the highest-grade ingredients are used while following strict safety guidelines. Every bottle is prepared to be hygienic and contaminant free while meeting all safety requirements. They utilize a standard formula of 70% VG and 30% PG allowing an even amount of flavor and clouds to be produced in every hit. If you are looking for something new and refreshing to shake up your weekly rotation of vape juice blends or want a new candy themed all day vape flavor, Ethos Candy Treats may be the answer you seek.

Score a bottle of Ethos Candy Treats today and give your tongue something to be excited about.

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