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The Crisp E Liquids name is one that very recently became one of the most talked about product lines in the vaping community. Crisp E Liquids is one of the newest selections of premium grade e liquids developed by Cosmic Fog, a leader in quality and ingenuity within the scene. Cosmic Fog has built a massive reputation throughout the world of vaping as a proprietor of flavors and connoisseur of fine e juices and they show no sign of slowing down as the release of Crisp E Liquids comes at a time when the market is over-saturated, yet the desire for distinct and luxurious e juices is always present.

Crisp E Liquids focuses on the fruity side of the vaping table, delivering an exceptional menu of fruit themed vape juice flavors that provide a stunning series of sweet and tangy experiences. At VapeJuice.com we currently carry the entire Crisp E Liquids menu that consists of four delectable flavors: Honeysuckle, Lemon Drop, Strawberine, and Rango, all of which come packaged in 120ml packages that contain two individually packaged 60ml unicorn style squeeze bottles that come with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine.

Honeysuckle is a delightful and unique flavor that combines seductive strawberries with a fresh bunch of honeysuckle flowers for an aromatic vape treat. Lemon Drop is a candy lover’s delight as it captures a classic lemon flavored hard candy filled with lemon zest sugar. Strawberine is tangy yet sweet burst of strawberries and tangerines for a euphoric vaping experience. Rango is the final flavor from the Crisp E Liquids family and captures a delightful blend of creamy mangoes and sweet raspberries.

With Crisp E Liquids being produced by Cosmic Fog you can rest easy knowing each bottle is prepared in an ISO-certified mixing facility where the highest-grade ingredients are utilized by professionals following strict safety guidelines to ensure the finest product possible.

If you need to find something refreshing to change up your vape flavors, score a bottle of Crisp E Liquids today and get back to vaping on something delicious and unique. For the most exquisite fruit inspired e juice blends, turn to Crisp E Liquids for a life changing flavor journey.