Council of Vapor

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Council of Vapor is an awesome brand that designs vape hardware with their beloved customers in mind. They have made multiple products that instantly became top sellers. One of the things we love about Council of Vapor is that they have mods in all shapes and sizes. For example, they have the mini volt, which is a tiny handheld mod that delivers a huge hit of luscious vapor. On the opposite side of the size spectrum they have the Tempest, which is a giant three battery mod that has an extremely long lifespan. All of their products are durable and made from top quality materials. Council of Vapor also made a mod called the wraith, which has a built in squonker that enables you to automatically drip your cottons with the push of a button. They pride themselves on using the most advance technology in the industry and we here at Vape Juice back them 100%. Take a look at our Council of Vapor inventory as we are confident you will find exactly what you are looking for. Enjoy!

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