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Cannoli Vape Juice

As much as Italian cuisine has infiltrated every area of the United States, there are still some people in the country who haven’t been fortunate enough to try cannoli. That’s a sad thing, because you’ll never find another dessert quite like it. Let us paint a picture for you. Cannoli is a pastry shell that’s twisted into a tube and deep fried until it’s crispy. After the shell comes out of the oil, it’s piped full of sweetened ricotta cheese that’s usually flavored with candied citron. That’s it. Cannoli is a simple, perfect dessert as it is. For those who like to augment their desserts, though, cannoli is also compatible with a wide variety of other flavors, making it a perfect base for further experimentation.

What Does Cannoli Vape Juice Taste Like?

The cannoli isn’t just an ordinary flour pastry shell; it’s typically flavored with several ingredients such as cocoa powder, ground espresso, cinnamon and sometimes even sweet cooking wine. Capturing the flavor of cannoli in an e-liquid is definitely possible even if you can’t quite nail the taste of the ricotta cheese. Ricotta has a subtle, mild flavor that’s difficult to duplicate in an e-liquid. You can get away with using a cream or cream cheese note to suggest ricotta in an e-liquid. What you can’t do, though, is use a generic pastry flavor in place of the one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is the cannoli shell. You’ve got to find a way to capture all of those secondary flavor notes, or you won’t have a cannoli vape juice.

What Vape Juice Flavor Notes Pair Well With Cannoli?

When you’ve got a vape juice capturing the flavors of fried pastry and creamy ricotta, you’ve got a perfect base that’ll go with just about anything. There aren’t a lot of cannoli vape juices at the moment. In fact, they’re all made by just one company, and we’ll be describing that company’s different vape juice offerings in a moment. We think that cannoli is on the verge of becoming one of the next hot flavor notes in the vape juice industry, though, so we’d like to present some hypothetical cannoli e-liquid flavor notes based on what we’ve observed in the culinary world.

  • By far, the most popular flavor pairing for cannoli is chocolate. Some cannoli makers use chocolate chips as a topping and garnish, and others simply dip their cannoli into chocolate to create a flavorful shell on the outside of the pastry. You can never go wrong when you combine pastry, cheese and chocolate; it’s almost like a classier version of the chocolate éclair.
  • Cannoli also tastes great with almost any type of toasted nut. Pistachio is very popular, and there are several great pistachio e-liquids on the market already. It would be a natural to combine a great cannoli base with a nice sweet pistachio note.
  • Cannoli makers love to stuff the ends of their pastries with fresh or candied fruits – especially cherries. There is nothing quite like the interplay between a juicy red cherry and creamy ricotta cheese.

What Are the Most Popular Cannoli Vape Juices?

At this time, there is just one company specializing in cannoli vape juice, and that company is Bam’s Cannoli. A list of the best cannoli vape juices, then, is essentially just a list of Bam’s Cannoli e-liquids. It’s a good thing that they’re so good at what they do. If you’re going to make just one type of vape juice, it had better be good, right? These are the four e-liquids from Bam’s Cannoli, in order of their popularity with our customers.

Original Cannoli by Bam’s Cannoli

You might assume that Original Cannoli by Bam’s Cannoli simply captures the flavor of a plain cannoli, and that’s it. Well, this e-liquid goes much further than that, but it’s simple enough that you can actually taste the note of candied citron, which lends a very authentic flavor. In addition to the absolutely perfect cannoli base, this e-liquid includes notes of tangy fruit cereal and whipped cream. If you can imagine taking a cannoli, rolling it around in cereal and spraying whipped cream on top, you’ve got a pretty good idea of the experience that this e-liquid delivers. It’s not a snack – it’s an event.

Captain Cannoli by Bam’s Cannoli

Bam’s Cannoli had a serious hit on their hands with Original Cannoli, so when it was time for the company to release its second e-liquid, the mixologists at Bam’s didn’t stray far from the formula. Captain Cannoli by Bam’s Cannoli has the same primary notes as Original Cannoli, but it substitutes the original’s fruity cereal with a sweet and toasty multigrain cereal. That’s right – it’s the one with “Captain” in the name. This e-liquid still has the famous cannoli flavor that you know and love, and it still finishes with a generous dollop of whipped cream.

Birthday Cannoli by Bam’s Cannoli

How can you change any dessert into a showstopping event? You can add birthday cake flavor, of course! Birthday Cannoli by Bam’s Cannoli has the same cannoli shell flavor that made Bam’s famous, of course, but the filling is something far bigger than just sweetened ricotta. Come to think of it, who actually said that a cannoli shell has to be filled with ricotta, anyway? That crunchy tube of greatness is just begging to be filled with other stuff. That’s the idea behind Birthday Cannoli in a nutshell. It’s the same great cannoli shell, but it’s filled with confetti icing. You’re welcome.

Strawberry Cannoli by Bam’s Cannoli

After the extravagance of a birthday cake cannoli, we conclude our list of the best cannoli vape juice with something a little more down to earth. Strawberry Cannoli by Bam’s Cannoli captures the experience that you might have if you took a standard cannoli filling, replaced the candied citron with fresh strawberries and whipped in a little extra cream for even more decadence. This vape juice is even creamier than the original Bam’s Cannoli, and the strawberry flavor adds a delightful twist that’s sure to please any fan of fruity e-liquids.

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