Veteran's Day Sale

Veteran's Day Sale



As you all know Vape Juice has sales for every Holiday and we never miss out on one. That is one thing that we take pride in and our customers absolutely love it.

We love it too! With that being said..

This Friday starting at 12PM PST time our Veteran’s Day Sale will take place and you can expect to have 20% off of all premium e juice store wide! That includes all of the top name brands as well as products in E Juice Deals. This is a perfect time to stock up on all of those delicious vape juices and even grab a couple of bottles that you were wanting to try.

Why not? It’s 20% off STOREWIDE!

This Friday’s Veteran’s Day Sale at Vape Juice will continue until Saturday at 11:59PM PST. This way you will have two full days to grab all of the delectable e juices that you have been saving up for but now you can get all of them at an inexpensive price!

Below we are going feature some of the most popular e juice brands that you should take of advantage of during our Veteran’s Day Sale at Vape Juice!

Loaded E-Liquid


Let's talk about Loaded E-Liquid:

This is one premium e juice brand that we are going to bring up every time a sale at Vape Juice occurs. This delicious flavor line of sauces is produced by the famous Ruthless Vapors company and they have really set the bar high with this flavor line.

Loaded E-Liquid is most famous for its Glazed Donut flavor. It has the flavor profile of exactly what the product title reads. From inhale to exhale your taste buds will be coated with a sugary glaze and relieved with a donut sensation. Our customers have said to us that is the best thing that they have ever experienced which our numbers on this premium vape juice support.

Loaded E-Liquid has a lot of flavors in their line such as Glazed Donut, Smores, Cran Apple, Cran Apple Iced, and two new additions to the family which are Cookie Butter and Strawberry Jelly Donut.

One thing that we want to point out is that here at Vape Juice we sell Loaded E-Liquid products for the price of $13.75 so imagine what you would get this premium vape juice for during the Veteran’s Day Sale?!

Did we mention that Loaded E-Liquid products are 120ML bottle sizes?

Yeah.. Exactly.

Naked 100 E Juice


Next we are going to talk about another one of our most popular and loved products here at Vape Juice. Naked 100 E Juice is another e juice brand that you should keep your eyes out for during the Veteran’s Day Sale.


First off let us go into the specifics of Naked 100 E Juice:

This company currently has five specific flavor lines that literally apply to any kind of vaper. It does not matter what flavor profile your prefer because Naked 100 E Juice has a sauce that matches it. One thing to note is that Naked100 is one of the most popular brands in the whole entire globe because of how delicious and high quality their e liquids are.

Naked 100 E Juice has five flavor lines as stated before which are the regular Fruit line, Menthol, Tobacco, Cream, and for your sugar tooths out there they have an amazing Candy line that was produced exceptionally well. One of the most popular flavors from the Candy line is Berry Belts.

Berry Belts has the flavor profile of strawberry gummy belts that have been coated in sweet and sour sugar crystals. Both the inhale and exhale bring forth a perfect sense of fruit mixed with the sweet candy experience. After vaping this e juice flavor your mouth will be literally drooling for more.

Vape Juice sells Naked 100 E Juices for 19.95 but not to mention with the Veteran’s Day Sale?!

You do the math…

Candy King


The King of Candy.

That is what perfectly describes Candy King. Candy King is a very premium e juice flavor line from the brand Drip More and it specializes in the best candy flavored e juices! Ever since these magical sauces have hit our shelves vapers across the globe cannot stop themselves from vaping more and more. It is almost like it is a drug that is how delicious this flavors are.

So why are we talking about them?

First thing is first. Candy King gets the job done perfectly for all of the candy connoisseurs out there in the vaping community. All of your favorite sweets are made into an e juice just for you. These liquids are very high quality so there is no burning throat hit and the will not ruin your coils fast like most candy flavored vape juices do.

Recently Candy King has also decided to switch things up a bit and they decided to release their flavors in a menthol version. Now I do not know what they did to these liquids but for some reason their candy profile mixed with a little bit of menthol makes a nectar straight of the Greek Gods themselves.

So let’s talk numbers:

Vape Juice sells regular Candy King e juices for $20.95 while the On Ice line is sold for $14.95. If we are talking retail you really cannot beat that considering they are a huge 100ML bottle size. Now we add in the 20% off with the Veteran’s Day sale that occurs for two days straight?! Jeez… Now that my friend is the Vape Bargain of 2017.

Vape Breakfast Classics


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I am sure you have heard that sentence a hundred times over so why not treat yourself with Vape Breakfast Classics? The real Breakfast of Champions is what this prestigious e juice brand is!

Vape Breakfast Classics has been around just as long as Vape Juice has and the second we started carrying these premium e juices that have been flying off of the shelves. There are many reasons why so let us hop right into why you should keep your eye out for this brand during the Veteran’s Day Sale here at Vape Juice!

Vape Breakfast Classics is the Godfather of all breakfast flavored e juices. Their two most popular flavors are Pancake Man and French Dude. Both of these e liquids have flavor profiles that indulge themselves the deliciousness of breakfast food drizzled in sugary maple syrup. Not mention in each flavor there is a little undertones of fruit which really complements the pure breakfast inhale. Now typically breakfast flavored vape juices usually ruin your coils extremely fast even though they are extremely tasty but with Vape Breakfast Classics this is not the story.

Here at Vape Juice we sell our Vape Breakfast Classic products for 13.95 so with the Veteran’s Day Sale which is 20% off of all e juice.. Imagine the money you can be saving on such a premium e liquid. For around $10 for a 60ML bottle of perfection? You cannot beat that!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday!


Now the list can go on and on about specific e juices that you should take advantage of during the Vape Juice Veteran’s Day Sale but both me and you do not have enough time for that. The gist of the blog is that this sale is going to be big and beneficial. You can finally stock up on vape juice to the point that you will not run out for a whole year!

But there is something else to look forward to as well…

Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

So Vape Juice is very well known for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. Vapers across the world, yes literally across the globe, look forward to this time of year all throughout the months. We are so close to it!

Last year we did a 25% off STOREWIDE sale that actually lasted a whole week past Cyber Monday! Now that was the best Vape Juice sale of 2016 without a doubt. So sitting around the office I have heard whispers of possibly raising the bar once again this year.

So what does that mean?

It could mean that possibly our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale this year could maybe 30% off STOREWIDE. Will it happen? I think so but I am not completely sure so it looks like you will have to stay tuned my fellow vapers. Make sure you follow on us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest scoop on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday extravaganza. Also make sure you subscribe to our email newsletter to be the first one to get the details!

There will be a Black Friday Blog published soon on our website that will layout the specific sales, as well as, the times of the sales. The premium vape juice brands that were mentioned above are products that you should definitely add to your cart for any sale that Vape Juice has!

With that being said..

Happy Vaping and we will see you back here on the Blog Page for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday details!

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