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In this age of coronavirus-imposed isolation, people are doing as much of their shopping online as they possibly can. Online vape shops around the world are finding it incredibly difficult to keep up with all of the orders – and yet, the phrase “vape shop near me” remains one of the most searched-for keywords on Google. Clearly, there are still many people who still want to buy their vape gear locally if they can.

Vape Shop Near Me

So, what’s the appeal of buying from a vape shop near you instead of shopping online? What are the pros and cons of local vs. online vape shops? As it turns out, both types of vape shops have their own strengths and weaknesses. As much as we value your business here at Vape Juice, local vape shops still play an important role for the vaping community, and it’s likely that you’ll buy your vape gear locally at least some of the time. Let’s learn more.

What Are the Benefits of Buying From an Online Vape Shop?

Lowest Prices

The biggest benefit of buying vape gear online is the fact that it’s the most affordable way to shop. Local vape shops have to pay rent and utility bills to keep their storefronts running. They also have to employ cashiers and pay for their benefits. Local vape shops are considered “high-risk” businesses and may have to pay higher insurance premiums. Considering all of those expenses, it’s not surprising that local vape shops have to charge higher prices than online shops. Here at Vape Juice, we keep our operations lean and mean. You will not find lower-priced vape gear anywhere.

Greater Product Variety

The second major benefit of buying vape gear online is that you’ll enjoy the best product selection that way. As an online vape shop, we can keep our products in a warehouse that’s absolutely packed to the brim with vape gear. We don’t need to display our products in glass cases because we don’t have a storefront. Local vape shops, on the other hand, have limited display space and need to limit their selections to the products that are most likely to sell quickly. If you’re looking for a rare regional e-liquid or a coil for an obscure tank, you’re only likely to find it by looking online.

Vape Shop Near Me vs Online

Top-Notch Buying Experience

Here at Vape Juice, we know that selling online means we have to compete with the instant gratification that you get when buying from a vape shop near you. That’s why we work harder than any other online vape shop in the industry when it comes to getting your order packed and shipped quickly. We ship most orders in less than one business day, and we use FedEx and USPS Priority Mail for order fulfillment. Most orders will reach your door in three business days or sooner.

What Are the Benefits of Buying From a Vape Shop Near Me?

Instant Gratification

Without question, the greatest benefit of buying vape gear from a vape shop near you is that you have the products in your hand immediately. It’s never fun to know that you’re paying a higher price for a product than necessary, but there are times when the lure of instant gratification is just too strong to ignore. If a local vape shop has the product that you want in stock, then you can have that product today.

Fix Emergencies Fast

Sometimes, buying vape gear locally isn’t just about satisfying your desire for instant gratification. What would you do if you dropped your tank and broke the glass? What would you do if you forgot to fill your tank and accidentally burned your last coil out? If you damage a piece of equipment and can’t vape, the idea of waiting even a few business days for a replacement item might seem like too much to bear. The greatest service that a local vape shop performs for its community is simply being available for those times when people need replacement parts right away and can’t wait for shipping.

Local vs Online Vape Shops

How to Have the Best Experience Buying Vape Gear Online

Whether you buy vape gear online or locally, some shops are better than others – and there’s a definite methodology that you should use if you want to have the best possible buying experience.

Sign Up for the Vape Shop’s Mailing List

If you’re buying vape gear online, the first thing that you should do is create a customer account or sign up for the vape shop’s mailing list. That way, you’ll always be among the first to hear about sales and discounts. A good online vape shop always works hard to keep its customers engaged, and email is almost always the preferred method of communication. Always keep an eye on your inbox for the latest deals.

Look for Coupon Codes

One of the best aspects of shopping online is the fact that, no matter how good a retailer’s prices are, you can often reduce your prices even further by looking for a coupon code. Most online shoppers expect retailers to have coupon codes. Most online store owners know that their customers expect to receive discounts, so it’s almost a requirement for retailers to offer coupon codes.

The existence of discount codes is a great thing for you – except when you have trouble finding a coupon code that actually works. We understand the frustration that causes, so we maintain a collection of working vape coupon codes right here at Vape Juice. There’s no need to leave the site to get an even better price for your purchase.

Read Customer Reviews

Once you’ve found the right online vape shop and secured the lowest possible price, the final thing to do is ensure that you’re getting the product that’s right for you. This is an area where it really pays to buy from an online vape shop with plenty of experience. Here at Vape Juice, we’ve collected more than 33,000 vape reviews from verified buyers. We invite our customers to report honestly about their experiences with the products they buy, and when you’re trying to find a product that you’ll love, it’s hard to beat the collective wisdom of over 33,000 previous shoppers.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping Offers

Every online vape shop has slightly different policies when it comes to shipping fees. Here at Vape Juice, the shipping fees are on us for all purchases over $75.00 shipped to addresses in the United States. Regardless of where you ultimately decide to buy your vape gear, we advise you to do the math carefully when it comes to calculating the shipping fees. If a vape shop doesn’t charge shipping fees for any order, they’re building those costs into their product prices.

How to Have the Best Experience Buying From a Vape Shop Near You

If you buy your gear at a vape shop near you, you already know that you’re going to deal with higher prices and a reduced product selection. Therefore, having the best possible buying experience becomes less about the money that you’re spending and the products you’re buying – and more about whether you’re actually going to feel comfortable shopping there.

Read Customer Reviews

When you buy vape gear online, one of the most important things to do is read reviews of the products that you’re thinking about buying. When you buy locally, though, you already know that the selection will be limited – so the most important thing to do is read reviews of the shop itself on websites such as Yelp. Are people happy with the shop’s employees? Does the shop honor its return policies? These are things that you should know before you buy.

Before you begin reading customer reviews, it’s also important for you to bear in mind that Yelp and other business directories are important to all local businesses. When a local business has a poor rating on Yelp, its revenue can plummet – so some businesses do hire people to write fake reviews. Always read customer reviews with a critical eye. If you see one positive review after another from people who don’t look like they actually live in your community, it’s possible that the reviews are fake.

Survey the Environment

The final thing to consider before buying from a vape shop near you is whether you’re actually comfortable with the environment. Begin with the neighborhood. Would you feel safe walking around in that neighborhood after dark, or is the vape shop situated around the corner from a biker bar and a payday loan company?

When you enter the shop, do you feel comfortable? Is the shop brightly lit and organized in a way that encourages browsing and exploration? Are the vape shop’s employees attentive and happy to answer your questions, or are they bored and playing with their phones? Do you feel uncomfortable browsing because someone is always looking over your shoulder? Most communities are fortunate enough to be served by multiple local vape shops, so if you aren’t completely comfortable, you should take your business elsewhere.

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