Unusual Uses for CBD Oil

Without a doubt, CBD oil is the most versatile type of CBD product that you can buy. Although the basic way of using CBD oil – by holding it under your tongue for a while before swallowing it – works well and provides for quick absorption, that’s only the beginning of what you can do with it. You can use CBD oil in almost any situation in which you’d normally use a culinary oil such as olive oil or hemp oil. You can use it topically. You can make your own bath and body products with it. Although there are plenty of good reasons why you might want to buy specialized products like CBD topicals, you’re missing out on some of the potential enjoyment of CBD if you’re not exploring all of the different things that you can do with CBD oil. So, have you tried any of these unusual uses for CBD oil?

Use CBD Oil as a Massage Oil

CBD Massage Oil

There are plenty of specialized CBD lotions and other topicals on the market today. In most cases, though, those products include ingredients such as camphor or arnica that help to promote pain relief or quick absorption. Those ingredients are great for certain uses, but they’re not ideal characteristics of a massage oil. If you’re giving or receiving a massage, you actually want something that’s going to remain on the skin’s surface for a while to provide lubrication and alleviate friction. That’s why the ideal massage oil is often a food-grade oil such as coconut oil or hempseed oil rather than a lotion designed for quick absorption.

Well, it turns out that the best massage oils also happen to be the most common carriers used in CBD oil. Why would you pull a bottle of coconut oil out of the cupboard to give your loved one a massage when you could be using CBD oil instead? In that case, you’ll get the benefits of the CBD along with the lubricating properties of the oil.

If you’re going to use CBD oil for a topical purpose, we generally suggest using CBD oil that’s unflavored. You might not want to spend the day smelling like berries or oranges – and anyway, some people find citrus flavors irritating to the skin. Mint is the one possible exception to this rule. A mint-flavored CBD oil can lend a sensation of coolness that you might find appealing.

Add CBD Oil to Your Salad Dressing

If you’re looking for more ways to get CBD into your life but aren’t particularly fond of spending the entire day holding oil under your tongue, the obvious answer is that you need to start adding CBD oil to your food. How can you add CBD oil to your meals, though, without it affecting the flavor of everything that you eat? We suggest adding CBD oil to your salad dressing. Simply use oil, vinegar and herbs in your usual proportions and add a dropper or two of CBD oil before shaking the container. You can add a spoonful of mustard to the dressing if you like to aid in the emulsification and distribute the CBD oil evenly.

Add CBD Oil to Your Morning Beverage

CBD Coffee

If you always start your morning with a healthy beverage, CBD oil could prove to be the perfect addition that helps you to begin your day on the right foot. If you enjoy drinking a fruit smoothie in the morning, for instance, you can add a dropper of CBD oil before blending the smoothie; you’ll enjoy the benefits of CBD without changing the flavor or texture of the beverage in a noticeable way.

Not a smoothie drinker? If you prefer to drink coffee in the morning, you might wonder how CBD oil can fit into your routine because you’re not sure how you would feel about drinking coffee with oil in it. As it turns out, though, there are actually many people who do exactly that. It’s called bulletproof coffee, and you should give it a try if you need an extra burst of energy in the morning. Bulletproof coffee is popular as a breakfast replacement for people on low-carb diets. You make it by brewing a cup of coffee and putting it in a blender along with some ghee and MCT oil. The idea is that the added fats supply energy that your body can easily burn to keep you going until lunchtime.

If you want to try bulletproof coffee, you can add CBD to it without changing the recipe; simply add a dropper of CBD oil to the blender along with the coffee, ghee and MCT oil. The coffee comes out of the blender with a pleasing frothy texture that’s almost like a latte.

Drizzle CBD Oil on Your Meals

If you don’t like either of the meal ideas above, don’t give up on the idea of adding CBD oil to your food because there’s a nearly infinite variety of different ways to do it. Have you ever added a finishing oil such as truffle oil to a meal before serving it? You can do the same thing with CBD oil; simply drizzle a dropper of oil on the finished dish. You’ll love the pleasant mouth feel that the oil contributes to a juicy steak or a plate of steamed vegetables – and if you don’t love the taste of CBD oil, you’ll enjoy the fact that the flavor of the oil is completely covered by the food.

If you’re going to use CBD oil as a finishing oil for your food, we do recommend using an unflavored oil because you wouldn’t want a flavoring agent to compete with the flavor of your meal. Bluebird Botanicals Concentrated CBD Oil is one good option. Since there’s plenty of CBD per dropper, you won’t need to add a lot of it to your foods and won’t have to worry about it affecting the flavor.

If you want to experiment with CBD oil as a meal ingredient, though, there’s almost no limit to what you can do with it. The only thing that you can’t do with CBD oil is use it as a replacement for cooking oil. You probably wouldn’t do that anyway – CBD oil is much more expensive than cooking oil, after all – but we must mention this because you’re literally throwing your CBD away if you use it as a cooking oil. CBD begins to vaporize at about 320 degrees Fahrenheit – so if you cook with CBD oil, the CBD content will simply dissipate into the air. Only add CBD oil to your food after the food has finished cooking.

Add CBD Oil to Your Favorite Bath and Body Products

Have you noticed how fashionable CBD bath and body products have been as the CBD industry has exploded over the past few years? You can find CBD lotions, CBD cosmetics, CBD anti-aging products, CBD haircare products and more. The thing is, though, that you can’t just take a product like a cheap hair conditioner and turn it into a premium product by adding CBD oil to it. Aside from the fact that it has CBD, it’s still a cheap product. Why would you overpay for a cheap beauty product when you could add CBD oil to a product you’d actually want to buy instead?

The fact that CBD is oil soluble means that it’s extremely easy to add to almost any bath and body product since most of those products contain plenty of oil as a moisturizer. Simply open a bottle of shampoo or conditioner, add a dropper or two of CBD oil and give it a good shake. The CBD oil should emulsify easily, and then you can simply use the product as normal. Since you’re buying CBD oil anyway, you’ll find that this is a great way to add the benefits of CBD to some of your favorite products without overpaying.

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