Replaceable Coil Pod Systems Worth It

When you shop around for the latest vape gear, you’re going to see a lot of pod vaping systems. That’s been true for a couple of years now, but these days, you’re also going to see something else that wasn’t common until recently. You’re going to see pod mods with replaceable atomizer coils. The latest pod systems offer such impressive performance that they’ve really begun to blur the line between pod mods vs. vape mods, and a big part of that performance comes from the fact that the atomizer isn’t a permanent part of the pod, and you have many different coils from which to choose.

Replaceable Coil Pod Systems Worth It

So, pod systems with replaceable coils have pretty great capabilities compared to systems with permanent coils. As you’ve probably also noticed, though, pod systems with replaceable coils are almost always more expensive. Are they actually worth the money? In this article, we’re going to explore whether a pod system with replaceable coils might be a worthy upgrade for you.

Having Replaceable Coils Gives You a Bigger Flavor Selection

One of the downsides of owning a pod system with disposable pods is the fact that smaller vaping devices produce smaller clouds – and when you have a device that produces smaller clouds, you need to use a high-nicotine e-liquid. That generally means you’re going to use nicotine salt e-liquid. That’s fine – unless you’ve tried all of the nicotine salt vape juices that interest you and are wondering what to do next.

When you buy a pod system with replaceable coils, you’ll enjoy much larger vapor clouds than what you get from your current device. That’ll almost certainly mean that you’ll end up reducing the nicotine strength of your e-liquid, which means that you’ll probably switch from nicotine salt e-liquid to freebase nicotine. Since freebase nicotine e-liquids vastly outnumber nicotine salt vape juices, you’ll have a much bigger flavor selection.  

Switching to a device that produces bigger clouds also means that you’ll have a vaping experience in which flavor plays a bigger role, and throat hit plays a smaller role. If you’re using nicotine salt e-liquid and find that the peppery nicotine tends to overpower the flavor of your vape juice, you’ll probably enjoy that.

A Pod Mod Gives You Better Features Without the Drawbacks of a Vape Mod

Pod Mods Worth It

The reason why many people buy full-sized vape mods – as you might expect – is because they want to enjoy the advanced capabilities of those devices. Vape mods, however, do have some drawbacks. If you have a mod with removable batteries, you’ve got to learn the basics of replacement pods.

In long-term ownership, the cost of owning a pod system with replaceable pods is much lower than that of owning a system with disposable pods. A box of five coils, in fact, costs about the same as a box of two pods with built-in coils. Over time, you’ll find that the savings can really add up.

Replaceable Coils May Add Complexity to Your Vaping Experience

Until now, this article has focused on the benefits of owning a pod system with replaceable coils. Pod mods do have many benefits, but they’re not perfect – no vaping device is. If you currently own a pod system with disposable pods and are thinking about upgrading to a system with replaceable coils, you should know that your vaping experience is going to become more complex as a result.

One of the hallmarks of pod systems has always been the easy plug-and-play operation. Just charge your device and fill your pod with e-liquid, and you’re off and running. When you upgrade to a system with replaceable coils, you’ll obviously have to deal with learning how to perform periodic coil replacements – but that’s not all. You’ll also need to become comfortable with a device that has many more settings available than the device you’re currently using.

Do you love owning a vaping device that just works? If you do, you may not enjoy owning a device with an adjustable airflow collar, variable wattage and multiple coil options. Some people really want a vaping device that’s configured for maximum satisfaction out of the box. If that sounds like you, you might find that you’ll be happiest if you stick with the device you’re using now.

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