Pray For Vegas

Pray For VegaS

The recent events that have taken place over the weekend is heart breaking. We cannot fathom on how or why. People travel all across the world to our city to make memories, have fun, and be with family and friends. Las Vegas is known across the world and we will not let someone take us down. We will not let someone ruin our city. We will stand strong together and unite. If you are reading this... pray for our City. Pray for the families affected by this tragedy. Team up with E Cigarette Empire and let's do our part. 

Let's Do Our Part

E Cigarette Empire is having a 10% sale STORE WIDE including all e juice until Saturday, October 7th 2017 through Midnight using the coupon code "vegasstrong".

This brings up the big question. How can we do our part?

E Cigarette Empire has decided to take 10% of the net sales and donate them to the Las Vegas Victim's Fund. This fund has been started by Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commission Chair from Las Vegas, via GoFundMe. E Cigarette Empire moved here to Las Vegas in the beginning of April 2017 and this city has done nothing but open their arms up to us. From eating out to walking the strip, this city has done nothing but shown us some serious love. This tragic event that has occurred really hit home for us. It hurt our heart as well as many others. We will that it is right that we help in some way possible. For a city that has done nothing but help make memories and shown us love, it is our time to stand united. This is an opportunity to support the victims as well as their families while getting a discount on your favorite products.

The victims of this tragedy traveled from all over the world to enjoy our unique city and all it has to offer. We will not allow this travesty to discourage or invoke fear within this glorious city. Las Vegas is and always will be a melting pot of nations, races, genders, and ideologies in which to rejoice and relax. We will stand together against any enemy, any threat, and provide for our community in anyway possible. While we mourn the loss of our victims, our community stands stronger than ever before. We must show our love and support for this great city and all of those affected by the shooting.

Viva Las Vegas.

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