New E-Liquid Flavors

If there’s one thing that everyone hates, it’s boredom – and boredom is something that millions of Americans are experiencing right now as the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most of us to comply with stay-at-home orders to avoid contracting the infection or transmitting it to others. You’re sitting around using the computer or watching TV, and you’re vaping tank after tank of Naked 100 juice or some other staple e-liquid brand.

You’re bored.

To make matters worse, you’re bored with vaping.

Well, it’s time to fix that. What you need to do is inject a bit of variety into your vaping routine, and the way to do that is by trying some new e-liquid flavors. Step out of your comfort zone. Try some lesser-known e-liquids while you’re stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and inject a bit of fun into your vaping routine.

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New E-Liquid Flavors

Birthday Cannoli by Bam’s Cannoli

$15.95 / 100 ML – Buy It Now

The cannoli is perhaps Italy’s greatest contribution to the world of desserts. While the simple flavor of a deep-fried cannoli shell stuffed with sweetened ricotta is utter perfection on its own, a cannoli is also a perfect canvas for experimentation because virtually every flavor combination that tastes good becomes even better when it’s used as a cannoli filling or topping.

Birthday Cannoli by Bam’s Cannoli is an e-liquid that takes that concept to its absolute limit by combining a perfect cannoli base with the flavor of the undisputed king of desserts: birthday cake. Along with the traditional cannoli notes of toasted pasty and sweetened ricotta, this vape juice delivers the unparalleled combination of seductive vanilla and sweet candy sprinkles. It’s simply the one dessert e-liquid to rule them all.

Sunrise by Pressed

$19.95 / 120 ML – Buy It Now

If you’re not a fan of traditional ultra-sweet dessert e-liquids, it’s likely that you prefer a tropical e-liquid with a bit of a sour edge. If that’s the case, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of tropical vape juices are – let’s face it – pretty similar. A person can only vape so much mango and guava, right?

Finally, we’ve found a tropical vape juice that dares to be different. Instead of the mango note that so many e-liquids of this type use as a base, Sunrise begins with the flavor of sun-kissed Florida oranges and layers sweet peach and tart pineapple over that base. You’ve been looking for a tropical e-liquid that’s a bit different from the rest – something that doesn’t just repeat the same flavor profile everyone else is using. Well, this is the one.

Raspberry Hotcakes by The Pancake House

$10.95 / 100 ML – Buy It Now

How can you possibly enjoy a dessert e-liquid to the fullest – or a tropical e-liquid, for that matter – if you haven’t even had breakfast yet? We’ve seen our share of pancake and waffle e-liquids here at Vape Juice Empire, and one common element among most of those e-liquids is that they simply try to do too much. You can’t really taste a pancake, after all, if it’s covered with ice cream, chocolate syrup, candy sprinkles, whipped cream and a cherry. No, that’s not for us. The best breakfasts are simple and straightforward.

Raspberry Hotcakes by The Pancake House puts a unique twist on the breakfast e-liquid paradigm, but it doesn’t try to do so much that it ends up missing the plot and becoming just another dessert vape juice. When you try this e-liquid, you’ll get the flavor combination you really want: big, fluffy pancakes and rich, sweet maple syrup. Just to ensure that you’ll never mistake another vape juice for this one, though, Raspberry Hotcakes adds a dash of super-secret raspberry flavor to complete your breakfast experience.

Blueberry Donuts by Marina Vape

$12.95 / 60 ML – Buy It Now

As a vaper, you already know that one of the best things about e-liquid is the fact that it can taste like almost anything. E-liquid makers use the same food-grade flavors that the world’s candy, snack and beverage makers use, so there’s almost no limit to what a skilled mixer can do when creating a new vape juice flavor profile. There are a few flavor profiles, though, that work so well in e-liquid form that they’re pretty much essential for anyone who vapes.

The combination of blueberries and baked goods is one of those flavor profiles – and if you’re not nodding your head in agreement right now, it’s only because you’ve never tried an e-liquid like Blueberry Donuts by Marina Vape. It’s time to fix that. This e-liquid begins with a delicious doughnut base with the perfect taste of lightly browned dough and a generous sugar glaze on the outside. The real star of the show here, though, is a bold, fruity blueberry frosting note that’ll absolutely knock your socks off.

Tiramisu Custard by The Finest E-Liquid

$16.95 / 120 ML – Buy It Now

No list of the best new e-liquid flavors would be complete unless we discussed something with a custard note, and Tiramisu Custard by The Finest E-Liquid is a custard vape juice that’s truly special. Tiramisu, after all, is one of the world’s most special desserts.

Made from lady finger biscuits soaked in coffee liqueur and topped with sweetened mascarpone cheese before being topped with cocoa powder, tiramisu feels like an incredibly decadent luxury when it’s made well. The people at The Finest E-Liquid have done an excellent job of replicating those distinct flavor notes in a single e-liquid, and they’ve added their own special twist with a smooth and silky vanilla custard finish.

This vape juice, in other words, has a bit of everything for real dessert lovers. With notes of coffee, dairy, custard and pastry, this one is going to please your entire palate.

VCT by Ripe Vapes

$27.94 / 120 ML

When you want to treat yourself to a real luxury, Ripe Vapes is definitely one of the first e-liquid brands that should be on your mind. Ripe Vapes is one of the vaping industry’s oldest brands, and they’ve never wavered from their commitment to quality over the years. Their e-liquids are always perfectly mixed, with nuanced flavor profiles that are never overwhelmed by heavy-handed sweetener use. Ripe Vapes might cost a little more than other e-liquid makers, but you always feel like you’re getting your money's worth.

VCT is a bona fide all-time classic of the e-liquid world, and it’s the vape juice to try if you don’t think that you like tobacco flavors. This juice combines a smooth and slightly savory tobacco base with a top note of vanilla custard. The flavors meld together perfectly, and they also highlight each other’s strengths. The custard note gives the tobacco a hint of lovely sweetness, and the tobacco prevents the sweetness in the custard from becoming overpowering. VCT by Ripe Vapes has been in production non-stop for many years, and it’ll only take one puff for you to understand the reason for that.

Cornflake Tart by Dinner Lady

$11.95 / 60 ML – Buy It Now

If you haven’t had an e-liquid with a cereal note in a while, it’s time for you to discover how far this segment of the e-liquid industry has come over the past several years. The world has no shortage of cereal e-liquids – breakfast flavors are among the most popular in the vaping community – but it’s unusual to find an e-liquid with a corn note. Cornflake Tart by Dinner Lady corrects that by using a cereal note as a base for a dessert e-liquid, and the results are absolutely magical. It’s hard to find an e-liquid in which corn takes the center stage, and you’ve found it right here.

Cornflake Tart by Dinner Lady captures the flavor of a baked fruit tart with a base made from crumbled corn flakes. You’ll love the light sweetness of the corn flavor, and you’ll swear that the people at Dinner Lady have somehow managed to capture the slight browning that would occur when you baked a real tart in the oven. Along with the perfectly sweetened base note of crunchy corn flakes, this e-liquid finishes with a fruity garden-fresh strawberry flavor that’ll never fail to keep you coming back.

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