Columbus Day E Juice Sale

Columbus Day E Juice Sale

What is a better way to celebrate our famous Columbus Day then having an 15% off all premium e juice sale?!

The good news is:

Not only is E Cigarette Empire having a 15% off sale on all vape juice, but this sale will be active for a WHOLE week! Yeah you read that one right my friend. From October 9th to October 16th until 11:59PM PST this sale will be active so take full advantage of it vapers!

Be alert:

Q4 (the last four months of the year) is when E Cigarette Empire has tons of store wide sales. If there is a time to stock up on cool box mods, state of the art tanks, and premium e juice it is now! 

Below are some popular e juice flavors to definitely try during a sale period.

Loaded E-Liquid by Ruthless

Loaded E-Liquid is one of the Top 3 most popular vape juices here at E Cigarette Empire. Loaded now has six flavors which compose of S'mores, Cran Apple, Cran Apple On Ice, Cookie Butter, Strawberry Jelly Donut, and the infamous Glazed Donuts

These bad boys are priced at $14.95 for a 120ML! You cannot beat that price and with the Columbus Day E Juice Sale you are basically getting it for for free! Well not free but pretty damn cheap.

Vape Breakfast Classics

What is a better way then to start the day with a fresh coil that is glazed up with some delicious Vape Breakfast Classic premium e juice flavors?

There isn't.

Pancake Man, French Dude, and now Deluxe Pancake Man are all flavors produced by Vape Breakfast Classics. They are currently one of the Top 3 most popular flavors here at E Cigarette Empire and we can understand why.

These three flavors take the art of breakfast and mix it down into a beautifully produced e liquid. I would call these flavors the "vape juice of champions".

E Cigarette Empire list these three popular products at $14.95 and with the Columbus Day E Juice Sale, you are barely even paying anything for a delectable 60ML of breakfast flavored vape juice!

Introducing Reward Points

E Cigarette Empire is happy to announce that we are now incorporating a reward points system for all of our customers! Now you can earn points with every purchase and save up towards some major discounts!

Here are the details:

For every $10 that you spend you will earn 1 point. With these points you can redeem special discounts! In the future we will offer products for points as well.

6 Points = Redeemable $5 off

12 Points = Redeemable $12 off

Make sure that you have an account with E Cigarette Empire so you can build your points up! Also subscribe to our newsletter for email exclusive promotions!

Happy Vaping!

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