Black Friday | Cyber Monday E Juice Sale 2018

Are you ready to save money?

Adding $500 dollars worth of products to your cart just to see that the grand total is less than $300 bucks is the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday!


Well that spirit is here at E Cigarette Empire and the Black Friday | Cyber Monday E Juice 2018 Blog will reveal all of the details you have been waiting for.


Anyone who is a loyal customer knows that Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the biggest sale of the year for E Cigarette Empire. All vape juice prices are the lowest of the year and you can save some serious money.


This year we wanted to go big…


Prior to the upcoming sale, we made sure that we had all of the lowest prices on the biggest e juice brands in the world. This way even with our Black Friday and Cyber Monday discount, we blow other prices out of the water.


But we added a special treat..


This year, E Cigarette Empire will have 10% off all premium e juice storewide from 11/22/18 at 12:00AM PST to 11:59PM PST on 11/26/18. To wrap it up in a nutshell, from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, all e juice will be 10% off but it doesn’t stop there!


For the first time in E Cigarette Empire, we are doing Flash Events! Each Flash Event is 6 hours long and it focuses on a specific e juice brand. The Flash Event discounts can be found in the Black Friday E Juice category at the top of the page but we will also break the details down below.


From Black Friday to Cyber Monday will be Flash Events with 6 hour time windows. This means that there are 16 different Flash Events to look out for.


You can expect this to be a regular thing here at E Cigarette Empire with our revamped E Juice Deals page.


Here is the Full List:



During these Flash Events you have the ability to grab premium vape juice flavors for prices that you have never seen before! Now what we would like to do is talk about some of these Flash Events and why we chose the e juice brands that we did!

  • 11/23 Black Friday
  • 11/24 Saturday
  • 11/25 Sunday
  • 11/26 Cyber Monday

$5 off all Cuttwood 60ML

Cuttwood is pretty self explanatory. Cuttwood has always been one of the most popular e juice brands in the world since vaping started and you can always count on their flavors providing a delicious experience.


Unicorn Milk, Boss Reserve, and Sugar Drizzle are some of the most loved flavors across the United States. They are also definitely top sellers here at E Cigarette Empire so we wanted to make sure that we gave people a chance to catch a stellar deal on these flavors!


With $5 off all Cuttwood 60ML bottles this gives the chance for you grab as many bottles as you want for a just a mere $12.90 a piece! This is lowest price we have ever offered for Cuttwood so eat it up while the Flash Event is live! What a great way to kick off the Black Friday E Juice holiday right!?

Naked 100 with Free Apparel!


Next up after Cuttwood is the Naked 100 Vape Juice flash event. For this 6 hour window you are able to get any Naked 100 flavor you would like for $7 off and also receive free Naked apparel while supplies last! This means free T-Shirts, Hats, and more!


Naked 100 Vape Juice is one of the biggest brands worldwide without a doubt! E Cigarette Empire has carried Naked 100 since the birth of our company and we can say that all of their flavors are all day vapes without a doubt.


They have recently released two brand new flavors, Hawaiian Pog on Ice and Lava Flow on Ice, that you should taste during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday E Juice Sale!


Hawaiian Pog on Ice is the menthol version of the original Hawaiian Pog flavor that everyone loves and vapes! The passion fruit, guava, and orange flavor profile is a very delicious mix of fruits that comes from the Hawaiian drink. These flavors blend together perfectly to provide a strong fruity flavor sensation that never fades. Add a little bit of menthol into the picture and you have yourself some Hawaiian Pog on Ice!


Lava Flow on Ice has the same story. Lava Flow is another very popular Naked 100 flavor that has sit on the fruit throne for a very long time. Strawberry, pineapple, and coconut all unite together with a tad bit of menthol which gives us Lava Flow on Ice. Whether you like menthol or not, we can promise you that you will fall in love with this flavor. The amount of flavor that is produced is out of this world!

30% off all KILO 100ML!

Next Flash Event after Naked 100 is 30% off all Kilo 100ML e juice flavors! Kilo 100ML flavors are already very low at $13.95 so tack off another 30% and you have an amazing Black Friday e juice deal!


Kilo has recently taken all of their flavor series and re released them in 100ML bottle sizes. This means that Black Series, White Series, Candy Series, OG Series, Moo Series, and the brand new Sour Series are all now available in 100ML bottle sizes.


Also, a lot of people have been asking about Sour Series and what it is. Bazooka Sour Series has been rebranded into KILO Sour Series so if you were a big Bazooka fan, no worries! KILO Sour Series is Bazooka! You can find all of the same flavors, menthol or not, in the KILO Sour Series and yes, they are apart of the Flash Event!


One flavor to look out for is Blue Raspberry by KILO Sour Series. This is one of the most popular KILO flavors out of all them. The blue raspberry sour straw candy flavor profile is packed to the brim with sour candy, and fruit flavoring. If you have a strong sweet tooth or are looking for an all day vape, this is your calling!


Remember the original Kilo flavors such as Dewberry Cream, and Fruit Whip? Those were some of the best tasting flavors in the industry and they have made a comeback in a 100ML flavor line which are also apart of this doorbuster deal! You can take advantage of the 30% off and grab yourself your favorite original Cereal Milk vape juice that you have been craving for years!

20% off all Dinner Lady!

Wrapping up with the last flash event of Black Friday before we head into Saturday deals is our 20% off all Dinner Lady flavors deal! The cool thing about this is that Dinner Lady just released some new lines such as their Summer Holidays line and even that is apart of this Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal! As long as the bottle says Dinner Lady on it, then you are in the clear!


Lemon Tart is not only the most popular Dinner Lady flavor but it is also one of the most popular e juice flavors in the world. Based out of UK, Lemon Tart really put Dinner Lady on the map after it one multiple awards at multiple different Vape Expos! The delicious, but not overwhelming, lemon inhale paired with a sweet tart exhale really showed the world what Dinner Lady was all about!


Dinner Lady is a very premium e liquid brand so sometimes it can be hard to find a decent deal on their flavors but with this flash event, you are all set and ready to save a pretty penny!


Black Friday comes to an end after the Dinner Lady flash event, but the deals do not stop! We are going until the end of Cyber Monday, right in a row!


Quench and Rotten Juice 100ML for $8.95!

To kick saturday off we wanted to present another doorbuster, window breaking, crazy deal to the table! From the hours of 12am - 6am on Saturday, you are able to grab any Quench or Rotten Juice 100ML flavor for $8.95! That is just $9 for a whole 100ML bottle of delicious juice!


Rotten Juice only has two flavors in the line currently but both flavors are top sellers here at E Cigarette Empire and other Online Retailers. Awful Berry takes the crown with its simple yet delectable mixed berry flavor profile. Full of flavor, it makes for the perfect all day vape due to its never fading flavor production.


Quench is another awesome flavor line that mimics the taste of everyone’s favorite sports drink. This is a flavor that sometimes is hard to replicate into a vape juice but we can tell you that Quench has done it perfectly. Mix and Match these two brands if you would like, or get all of the same flavor. Either way you are getting these bottles for a mere $9! That means you can grab two 100ML bottles for under $20 and have enough juice to last you well over a month. Talk about Black Friday never ending!

All Milkman 60ML for $10.95!

Moving on to the next Flash Event, we wanted to highlight a veteran e juice brand that has fans all over the world and that is why we decided to go with the deal of all Milkman 60MLs being $10.95.


Milkman is a brand and company that has been around since the birth of vaping. They are known for their famous flavors such as Churrios and Milky O’s. Over time Milkman has expanded their flavor line with over 10 different new juices and now they have even expanded into the nicotine salt market basing their flavors off of their best selling e liquid.


With a discount like this, you really cannot pass it up. Crumbleberry and the Milkman Delight line is something you should give a taste during this wonderful flash event. With dessert and candy flavor profiles you really cannot go wrong, especially since all of this flavors make great all day vapes.


If you fancy yourself a tobacco flavor fan, Milkman even has the Heritage line which focuses on unique and high end tobacco flavors that you can't find anywhere else! All in all, there isn’t anything that Milkman doesn’t do! Take advantage of this while you can and try some new sauces!

20% off Glas Basix Series!

We wanted Saturday to have another extreme banger, and we have noticed that the Glas Basix Series flavor line is a very popular line of e juice here at E Cigarette Empire, so it only made sense to give it its own flash event!


From 12PM to 6PM on Saturday, all Glas Basix Series flavors will be 20% off. One thing we wanted to do for this Black Friday | Cyber Monday E Juice Sale is make sure that all of the most popular brands got their own flash event and with that being said, Glas Basix Series is definitely one of them.


Glas Basix Series is a flavor line that has been out for a little bit now and they have constantly added more delicious flavors to the lineup. Juices such as Fizzy Lemonade and Caribbean Punch are some of the most loved e liquids here at E Cigarette Empire. Both resemble a fruity beverage flavor profile that produces strong flavor non-stop. This is a great brand to switch too and also experiment new flavors with. All of our employees and customers have nothing but amazing things to say about these premium flavors.

All BLVK Unicorn 60ML for $9.95!

To wrap Saturday up, we decided to highlight a key e juice brand that is one of the biggest vape companies in the entire world. From 6Pm to Midnight on Saturday, you can get all BLVK Unicorn 60ML flavors for $9.95. This is a price that has never been offered before here at E Cigarette Empire for BLVK Unicorn considered how high quality their flavors are.

Every day we want it to seem like it is Black Friday or Cyber Monday all over again and with this flash event we feel that we are accomplishing just that. BLVK Unicorn has tons of different 60ML flavor lines and all of them are fan favorites. If you are menthol fan, you have the FRZN series. If you are a dessert fan, you have the White series. If you are a candy or fruit fan, you have the Black series.


BLVK Unicorn appeals to all vapers with all kinds of preferences which is why they are one of the most popular; plus their juice is really friggin tasty! Some flavors to try, if you haven’t already, is UniChew and UniCoco. Both of these flavors are top sellers and produce unique flavor experiences.


$4 off all Vape Breakfast Classics 120ML!


Going into Sunday we are having a Vape Breakfast Classics 120ML flash event from 12AM to 6AM. This flash event will offer all Vape Breakfast Classics 120ML Bottles for a $4 off discount! This is a huge event due to how popular these flavors are.


Flavors such as Pancake Man, and French Dude have been some of the best sellers here at E Cigarette Empire since 2015. These flavors are the staple and standard for all breakfast themed e liquids because of how well they are produced.


One thing that really excites us about this particular flash event is that Vape Breakfast Classics has just released more flavors into their line such as Tooty Frooty Pancake Man, Deluxe French Dude, and Mango and Cream French Dude. These flavors are very appealing and delicious, but the best part is that this flash event gives you guys the chance to taste these juices for a very inexpensive price!


Pancake Man and French Dude will always be the breakfast kings but we are curious to see how the community likes the new flavors. After all, not only do these breakfast flavors taste extremely good in the morning but they taste just as good throughout the day! No wonder why they are so popular!

EZ Duz IT, Slurricane, and Grape Drank 120ML for $11.95!

We all know that Ruthless Vapor is one of the pillars in the vape juice industry. They constantly release new flavors, new flavor lines, and new sister brands. A lot of the most popular vape juice flavors in the world and manufactured by Ruthless and they continue to show why they deserve to sit on top time after time again.


So why not?


6AM - 12PM on Sunday, you can get EZ Duz IT, Slurricane, and Grape Drank 120MLs for only $11.95. This is yet again another price that has never been offered for these flavors before in the lifetime of E Cigarette Empire. These three flavors are the most popular juices produced by Ruthless but they are also some of the most popular flavors in the entire world! Flavors such as Grape Drank have won multiple awards and are known to have a very unique yet delicious flavor profile.


Throughout this whole Black Friday and Cyber Monday E Juice Sale, if you are going to try anything new let it be Grape Drank. This is not a joke. This flavor is some serious stuff and definitely Top 10 in the world for most vaped. There is a reason why it has won so many awards!

$3 off all SVRF E Liquid Flavors!


Transition into the next Flash Event, from 12PM to 6PM on Sunday, all SVRF E Liquid flavors will be discounted $3! SVRF E Liquid is one of those flavors lines that has always been a popular one especially with its core three flavors, Satisfying, Balanced, and Refreshing. These three flavors are vaped very much by both our employees and our customers.


Now SVRF has introduced three more flavors which follow the footsteps of the previous ones. SVRF has always been a popular flavor line because of how well the juice holds up after time. This is one flavor line that no matter how much I vape it, I never get vapers tongue. This makes these liquids a very good candidate to be an all day vape.


If you have never vaped on a SVRF E Liquid flavor then this is definitely the time to do so. With the $3 discount, you are able to grab any flavor for $9.95! In a nutshell, you are able to grab a 60ML all day vape flavor for just ten bucks! Talk about a steal and a deal right? Do not pass up on this flash event, and we recommend throwing these flavors into your daily rotation!

$3 off all Keep It 100 Flavors!

Ending Sunday, from 6PM to 12AM, we are having a $3 off all Keep It 100 flash event and this is one of the events we are really stoked about. Keep It 100 is a newer flavor line that always sells out here at E Cigarette Empire.


After trying some of their top flavors. I can see why these vape juice flavors always fly off of the shelves. I even went deeper into the rabbit hole and did some extra research. It turns out that there are multiple Keep It 100 flavors that are in our Top 25 most bought product list!


Some flavors that if you haven’t tried before, you definitely need to vape are Kiberry Killa, Blue Slushie, and Strawberry Milk. These three flavors are the most popular Keep It 100 flavors at E Cigarette Empire and everyone of them taste identical to the actual real life profile which is always appealing.


Keep It 100 is an e juice brand that people are very loyal to. They have fans all over the United States and they are a great brand to try if you are looking to spice things up! Plus their e juices always treat your cotton and coils nice.


Candy POP! 100ML for $10.95


Going into Cyber Monday, we wanted nothing but bangers! All four flash events are some of the best deals you’ll find all year, and we really wanted to highlight some of the most popular or newer brands.


Kicking off the famous Cyber Monday holiday, from 12AM to 6AM, E Cigarette Empire is marking all Candy POP! 100ML flavors down to $10.95.


Candy POP is another famous candy flavored e juice line that has proven itself to be one of the kings of the candy juice game. A lot of our customers order Candy POP flavors as their all day vapes and after trying them, we can see why!


One of the most popular flavors from this brand is Blue Raspberry Hard Candy which takes on a delicious blue raspberry infused hard candy flavor profile that never fades. Each inhale and exhale is good as the last which is why everyone loves!


One really cool thing about Candy POP is that they do have mint candy flavor! Sweet Mint Gum takes on a flavor profile that tastes exactly like the name reads. You get the best of both worlds, a mint gum flavor and a sweet candy sensation!

One Hit Wonder 100ML for $10.95!


The next Flash Event may be one of the biggest and best deals of this whole holiday. From 6AM to 12PM on Cyber Monday, you can get ANY One Hit Wonder 100ML flavors for just $10.95! Again this is a price point that has never been offered for One Hit Wonder flavors, and we believe this fits the idea of going big or going home.


One Hit Wonder just released a brand new flavor, Fire Man, and it has already started to fly off of the shelves. It takes on a pink lemonade flavor profile and boy is it tasty! If you are looking for the perfect amount of sweet, sour, and delicious then this is the e juice flavor for you!


One Hit Wonder is a company that has been around in the vape juice industry since the beginning of time. They earned the reputation of being one of the best e juice brands in the world and they are known to produce nothing but the best tasting liquids in the game. Everyone has heard of One Hit Wonder and if you haven’t vaped their flavors.. What are you doing?! Get right on that and what is a better time than Cyber Monday?

25% off ALL Nicotine Salts!


The second to last flash event to end Cyber Monday is a biggie. As we all know, Nicotine Salts are on the uprising and they become more popular with each day that passes. A lot of top e juice brands are released nic salt lines based on their most famous flavors.


It only seemed right that we gave nicotine salts their own flash event so with that being said, from 12PM to 6PM on Cyber Monday you can get all Nicotine Salt flavors for 25% off! That means it does not matter what flavor nic salt it is, as long as it’s a nicotine salt, you can tack a quarter of the price right off!


Most of your favorite brands have a nicotine salt line so brands such as Milkman, Beard, Ripe Vapes, Naked 100, Puff Labs, and Ruthless Vapors all have nic salt lines! Please keep in mind that these salts are meant to be used in Vape Pod devices only and not Sub Ohm Tanks or RDAs!


If you aren’t to experienced with vape pods then head over to our Vape Pods page and take a look at some of the devices. Some very notable ones are the Suorin Drop and the Suorin Air. These are our two most popular vape pod devices and are refillable with nicotine salt flavors.

All Alien Vape 60ML for $9.95!

To end the Cyber Monday Flash Event sales, we wanted to end with something special. Alien Vape is a brand that has been around for awhile and they are known to produce some really tasty flavors. Flavors such as Area 51 and Roswell are some of the most popular juices from this brand. They have recently just released their 60ML line and during the hours of 6PM to Midnight on Cyber Monday you can get all Alien Vape 60ML bottles for $9.95!


Even though we just started carrying this brand, they have been in the vaping industry since the 30ML days. They are very respected in the vaping community and their flavors are very much sought after.



This brings an end to both the Black Friday | Cyber Monday E Juice 2018 blog and Flash Event Sales. These doorbuster deals are only valid between the time frame listed above in the infographic but please do not forget from Thanksgiving, to the end of Cyber Monday, all E Juice is 10% off with the code blackfriday10! This code will not work with the Flash Event sales so you must choose one or the other!


Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday shopping my fellow vapers! We appreciate everyone of you and let us know how your Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping goes. Please give us any feedback through our contact email!

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