Best Vaping Gifts 2020

It’s not an easy situation if you have a few people on your Christmas gift buying list who vape, but you don’t vape yourself. If you’re close to people who vape, you know how particular vapers can often be about their gear. Any person who has been vaping for a while wants a specific type of equipment and wants it configured in a specific way – and if you don’t vape, most of the things that vapers say about their equipment aren’t going to make much sense at all.

Best Vaping Gifts 2020

This article is going to help you figure things out. These are the best vaping gifts for 2020 for two reasons. The first reason why these are the best Christmas gifts for vapers is because they’re the latest devices with the most modern features. If that special someone on your list hasn’t purchased a new vaping device or tank in a while, there’s a good chance that his or her hardware lacks these features.

The second reason why these items are the perfect holiday gifts for someone who vapes is because they’re completely safe buys. These are the latest products from the vaping industry’s top manufacturers, so they’re reliable devices that work as they should. With today’s complex vaping devices, that’s an important thing!

In explaining these vaping gifts, we’ll do our best to avoid vaping industry jargon and speak in terms that will be easy for a non-vaper to understand. We hope that you’ll find the guide useful.

SMOK Novo 3 Pod System Kit

SMOK Novo 3 Best Vaping Gifts 2020

Price: $20.95 | Buy It Now

When a person vapes, he or she most likely uses one of two types of vaping devices: a mod or a pod system. Mods are the box-shaped devices with big glass tanks, and pod systems are smaller, sleeker devices that store their e-liquid in removable plastic pods. The first thing you need to know about buying vaping gifts is that the vapers in your life are probably fairly happy with the types of devices that they’re currently using. Someone who already uses a mod probably doesn’t want a pod system, and the opposite of that is also true. Keep that in mind when shopping!

The SMOK Novo platform is perhaps the most popular of all pod vaping platforms, and the SMOK Novo 3 is the latest addition to that line. Why is the Novo 3 such a worthy upgrade compared to the previous members of the Novo family? The big deal here is the fact that SMOK has added an upgraded airflow channel to the body of this device. When you inhale, air enters the channel and creates a vortex that funnels through the center of the mesh heating wire, carrying the flavor directly to the user’s palate. It’s a wonderful experience – and since the SMOK Novo 3 is also compatible with the pods for the original SMOK Novo as well as the Novo 2, it’s a no-brainer upgrade for anyone who owns either of the first two Novo devices.

SMOK RPM40 Pod Mod Kit

SMOK RPM40 Best Vaping Gifts 2020

Price: $24.95 | Buy It Now

The next vaping gift on our list is almost like the halfway point between a pod system and a mod because it has the features of both. The SMOK RPM40 has the simple controls and drop-in pods of a pod system, and it also has the wide power range and big vapor production of a mod. If the pod system user in your life is looking for an upgrade, it’s the ideal choice.

How can you tell whether someone who uses a pod system might be interested in getting something bigger and better? If you pay attention, you’ll hear and see some clues. If that person vapes constantly – as in, he or she never seems to put their vaping device down – it’s a good sign that the device doesn’t produce enough vapor to be fully satisfying.

If that person complains about the price of new vape pods, that’s another clue. Every vape pod has an atomizer coil. That’s the heating wire that vaporizes the vape juice in the pod. As the pod is used, it begins to collect residue from the e-liquid. Eventually, the residue becomes thick and creates an unpleasant burned flavor.

When the flavor goes bad, it’s time to replace the atomizer coil. In most pod systems, though, the atomizer coil is a permanent part of the pod. Therefore, when the atomizer coil is bad, the entire pod has to go – and that can get pretty expensive.

One of the best features of the SMOK RPM40 is the fact that, although it is a pod system, it has a removable atomizer coil. That means this device makes it possible to replace the coil when necessary without discarding the entire pod. Having a replaceable atomizer coil translates to significant savings because it’s much cheaper to buy a new coil than it is to buy an entire pod. It also makes it possible to have many different experiences with the same device because SMOK makes several types of atomizer coils for the RPM40. Each one has its own subtle effect on vapor production and flavor.

Vaporesso Gen S Vape Mod Kit

Vaporesso Gen S Best Vaping Gifts 2020

Price: $55.95 | Buy It Now

This next device is for the serious vape mod user on your list. Vape mods are the biggest and most powerful of all vaping devices. They’re the ones that fill the air with enormous clouds. Trust us; unless you specifically hear a mod owner say something along the lines of “I wish this thing wasn’t such a fog machine,” the mod owner in your life doesn’t want a pod system – he or she wants a bigger and better mod. Well, you’re not going to find anything better than the Vaporesso Gen S.

It’s been a while since a new vape mod has really pushed the technological envelope, but the Vaporesso Gen S definitely does that. The remarkable features of this device begin with its physical appearance. Available in 12 head-turning colors, the Gen S has a sleek and minimalistic design that looks incredibly appealing and modern.

We also love the construction of this device. With the Gen S, Vaporesso really found the ideal combination of lightness and durability. To create the body panels of this mod, they began with polycarbonate plastic and then sprayed the plastic panels with four coats of metal-infused spray to give the panels extra stiffness and durability. Finally, Vaporesso finished the panels with a rubberized coating that enhances grip and hand feel. The coating even breathes, which is a feature that those with sweaty hands will appreciate. See? Vaporesso really thought of everything with this device!

Vaporesso’s new AXON chipset is the brain of this device, and it features a few automatic vaping modes that experienced vapers are going to appreciate. The Pulse mode boosts the power sent to atomizer coil in rapid pulses – 50 times per second – to enhance flavor and vapor production. Eco mode, on the other hand, delivers the best possible combination of vapor production and battery life. A fully manual mode is also available for people who prefer to do things themselves.

We also love the fact that the Vaporesso Gen S features USB-C charging. A standard vaping device usually charges with a current of about 1 amp. With the USB-C charging feature, the Gen S charges with a 2.5-amp current, which means that it charges about 2.5 times faster than most other vaping devices. With other dual-battery mods typically requiring charging times in the 5-6 hour range, the USB-C charging of this device makes a big, big difference.

This device requires two 18650 batteries, so grab a pair of vape batteries before you check out.

Freemax Mesh Pro Vape Tank

Freemax Mesh Pro Best Vaping Gifts 2020

Price: $21.95 | Buy It Now

If the mod owner in your life doesn’t need a new device, he or she may still appreciate a new tank because today’s vape tanks have a significant technological advantage that any tank more than a year or two old lacks. That advantage is a mesh coil – and mesh coils have changed absolutely everything for the vaping industry.

The thing that makes mesh coils so special is the fact that a mesh coil has a high amount of surface area in a package with very low mass. A traditional vape coil is made from a metal wire twisted into a spiral shape. A mesh coil, on the other hand, is a thin strip of mesh that looks almost like a window screen. The shape and surface area of a mesh coil allow it to produce huge vapor clouds with extremely vivid flavors – even with less powerful vaping devices.

Does the vaper in your life need a mesh coil tank? The easiest way to tell is by listening when that person vapes. If that person’s tank makes a loud “pop” sound during use, the tank most likely doesn’t have a mesh coil because mesh coils are very quiet during operation.

The Freemax Mesh Pro takes the mesh coil concept to an entirely new level with coil heads that use two, three, four and even five mesh strips simultaneously. The vapor production of this tank is absolutely insane, making it the absolute best vape tank on the market.

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