Best Vape Mods 2019
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Best Vape Mods 2019

Another year has passed and another year has come. 2018 is now here and along with the New Year is going to be new vape juices, new vape tanks, new e juice brands, and of course new vape mods!

Vape Juice is here to compile a blog list for vapers across the world that features the Best Vape Mods 2018!

2018 was full of vape technology breakthroughs with a very hot last quarter. Companies like Smoktech and Wismec released a ton of new hardware towards the end of last year so that means we can only imagine what is instore for us with 2019.

The Best Vape Mods 2019 blog list is in no order. We are just simply featuring and talking about the best vape mods going into the new year. This blog list will be updated considering how often new hardware is released.

All of the vape mods that are in this blog list are carried here at Vape Juice so if you see something that you like, you can find it on our online store for sale!

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the Best Vape Mods 2019 blog list by Vape Juice!

Voopoo Drag 2

Hands down, the best vape mod of our current time is the VOOPOO Drag 2 and this is cold hard facts. This box mod has just recently released into the market a little over a month ago and it has taken the market by storm.

An upgraded version of the original Drag, the Drag 2 keeps the same stylish look to it with a little ergonomic curve added to the base of the mod. Powered by two 18650 batteries, the VOOPOO Drag 2 can reach a wattage capacity of 177 watts. With this brand new Drag 2 model comes a brand new internal chip set that you just have to get your hands on. The brand new GENE.FIT Chip set comes with tons of new technology that brings your vaping experience to whole other level. With three FIT presets, you are able to fully customize each and every vape hit to your liking.

The VOOPOO Drag 2 is more compact and lightweight compared to the original Drag mod, comes with new colorways, has tons of safety features, and comes with the brand new UFORCE T2 Tank. 

It does not matter if you are a beginner or a veteran, the VOOPOO Drag 2 is a solid choice and pick up for vapers of all kinds. Vape Juice highly recommends this mod to everyone!

Mag Kit by Smoktech

Let us start off strong with the Mag Kit by Smok.

This vape mod is no joke which is why we decided to put it on our Best Vape Mods 2018 blog list.

Last year Smok really raised the bar when it comes to vape mods and we can only imagine what is going to happen in 2019. Smok ended the year strong with the very popular Mag Kit.

The Mag Kit is a dual 18650 battery mod that can reach a wattage range of 225 watts. Now for a dual battery powered vape mod, that is extremely well and powerful. Smok also implemented a ergonomic box mod shape which allows for the vape mod to fit comfortably in the hand. The firing button is shaped and placed like a trigger which is pretty bad ass.

The Mag Kit comes with a TFV12 Prince Tank which is the newest vape tank by Smoktech and also holds the most amount of vape juice compared to all other Smok Tanks.

All around the Mag Kit by Smok is one of the best vape mods going into 2018 and if you are looking for an upgrade then you should look into getting your hands on one of these bad boys.

RX GEN3 By Wismec

Another Vape Mod to look out for in 2019 is the RX GEN3 by Wismec. The Best Vape Mods 2019 blog list has decided to feature the RX GEN3 for a numerous of reasons which we will get into shortly!

Wismec is a hardware brand that has been around in the game for a very long time. Their most famous vape mod, the Reuleaux RX200, is a mod that completely changed and shaped the way for vape mod designers. This original vape mod had an ergonomic shape with a LED side screen. From that point forward, all Wismec vape mods were based from the original RX200 design.

At the end of 2017 came the RX GEN3 and with the start of 2018, this vape mod is one of the most popular ones on the market.

The RX GEN3 still stays true to its ergonomic shape but due to a breakthrough in vaping hardware technology, Wismec was able the make the third generation vape mod smaller in size! Not only were they able to reduce the size but they were able to make this mod reach a wattage power of 300 watts while still only using three 18650 batteries!

Now of course there are some cosmetic changes to make this new vape mod more fancier and what not so make sure you head on over to our product page to see what the hype is all about!

Revenger X Kit by Vaporesso

Say hello to the future.

This is the slogan for the Revenger X Kit by Vaporesso and it stands true which is why this mod has ended up on Vape Juice’s Best Vape Mods 2019 blog list.

In early 2017, Vaporesso released the Revenger Kit which featured a revolutionary IMR screen design which is one of the first times a vape mod has integrated this technology. Vaporesso also used high end internal technology such as the OmniBoard which made navigation a whole lot easier for vapers.

With the start of 2019, the upgraded Revenger X Kit is one of the best vape mods that you can get your hands on. Vaporesso integrated the same IML screen design except now it uses a touch responsive technology that is very responsive and reliable. The OmniBoard internals have received an upgrade to 2.2 firmware and the NRG Tank that comes with the Revenger X Kit has also received a major upgrade.

All around the Revenger X Kit by Vaporesso is everything a vaper could of dreamed. I would have to say this is one of the best upgrades you can make in 2019 and Vape Juice is really looking forward to what Vaporesso is going to release next.

OSUB King Kit 220w by Smoktech

We want to end the Best Vape Mods 2019 blog list with a bang so what is a better way to do that than talk about the new OSUB King Kit by Smok!

The very end of 2017 is when the OSUB King Kit by Smok was released and with the start of 2019 it is still one of the best vape mods you can get your hands on.

Smok kept the famous OSUB ergonomic box mod shade while giving the internal technology and complete makeover. The side firing button is something that vapers really enjoy. The OSUB King Kit is powered by two 18650 batteries and reaches a maximum wattage of 220 watts. As far as the cosmetics of the OSUB King Kit, everything has stayed the same. The LED screen is the same size and is in the same place as the rest of the OSUB models.

One thing that is really convenient about the OSUB King Kit is that instead of coming with the TFV8 Baby Beast, Smok has decided to upgrade and make the OSUB King Kit comes with the Big Baby Beast.

If you are looking for a smaller and sleeker vape mod for 2019 then I would suggest the OSUB King Kit by Smok. Even though it is smaller and sleeker it is still just as powerful as any other two battery box mod which is why it is a great pick up!

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