Best Vape Bundle Deals 2018
Vape Bundle Deals 2018

Best Vape Bundle Deals 2018

Come one, come all!

Welcome to the Best Vape Bundle Deals 2018 blog list by Vape Juice!

Our main objective with this blog list is to feature and publicize all of the best possible vape bundle deals that you can get your hands on with the start of 2018! This will include a plethora of products such as vape juice, starter kits, box mods and vape pods!

One thing is for sure and that is when it comes to Online Shopping you always want to find the best possible bargain for your buck before making a purchase. This comes with checking out reviews, how to’s, DYI’s, and finding easy to use products too!

We have taken all of these factors into consideration, and of course price with popularity, compiled them into a blog list for easy viewing! All of the research has been completed for you and we are publishing the results right here, right now!

Any vape bundle deal that you see in the Best Vape Bundle Deals 2018 blog list are available in house here at Vape Juice!

With that being said.. Welcome! You are sure to save tons of money following this blog list and get the best bundle bargains of your entire life!


Naked 100 E Juice Bundle Deal

The Naked 100 E Juice Bundle Deal is one bundle that instantly popped into my brain when I was writing this blog list! It literally reeks of Best Vape Bundle Deals 2018.

So the objective of this bundle deal was being able to provide vapers with their favorite e juice flavors, save money, and acquire more vape juice at the same time.

We choose Naked 100 E Juice for a variety of reasons. First off, Naked 100 vape juice flavors are extremely popular. They are one of the most sought after e liquids in the whole world and that is because they are extremely delicious. Also, with them having multiple flavor lines it allows people like us to bundle each flavor line together allowing for the vaper to save money and get all of the flavors for discounted price!

Right now Vape Juice offers the Naked 100 E Juice Bundle Deal in five different flavor options. We currently offer the Original Fruit Line, Menthol Line, Cream Line, Tobacco Line, and the Candy Line. This vape bundle deal will have you saving up to 35%!

Not only are you receiving a large diverse supply of premium e juice but you are also saving money at the same time!


PHIX Starter Kit by MLV

Let’s talk about Vape Pods.

Vape Pods are small portable vaping devices that usually have an integrated battery in them which allows them to be the size of your palm. This makes it easier for on the go and discreet vaping. Vape Pods are HUGE in the community right now and are the hottest things out!

Vape Pods use Nicotine Salts which have a higher concentration of nicotine. The byproduct of this is that the clouds are slim to none which allows for that on the go and discreet vaping! All of these Vape Pods are amazing reviews, are simple, and very easy to use/setup.

Right now, Vape Juice offers the Phix Starter Kit by MLV which is one of the best vape bundle deals you can get your hands on when it comes to Vape Pods, especially since the Phix is currently one of the most popular devices out.

The Phix Starter Kit by MLV is going to include everything that you need to get started on your vape pod adventure. It comes with the actually Phix, a Micro USB cord which is used to recharge your Phix device, and a tobacco flavored Cartridge! This is literally everything you need to get going!

Later down the road if you decide to try new flavors, Vape Juice also Phix Replacement Cartridges in multiple delicious flavors!


Naked 100 Ohmie Tank Bundle

For the first time in Naked 100 E Juice history they released a bundle deal that consisted of E Juice and a Vape Tank! This bad boy of a bargain is called the Naked 100 Ohmie Tank Bundle and it is available here at Vape Juice.

The Naked 100 Ohmie Tank Bundle consist of one of their famous flavors from the Original Fruit flavor line and a badass Asmodus Vape Tank.

Talking about the included Asmodus Tank:

It has a 4ML E Juice capacity which is just enough to have you going throughout the majority of your day with little to none refill action occurring. The Asmodus Tank also features adjustable airflow slots located on the bottom of the tank. It has a 24.5mm compact design allowing it to fit perfectly snug on just about any vape mod in the game.

The Naked 100 E Juice that comes in the Ohmie Bundle is a 0MG Nicotine Strength and 4 different flavor options. Each juice also has a corresponding color that matches the Asmodus Tank! You gotta keep it stylish my friend!

Premium vape juice and a kick ass Vape Tank all in one? Now that’s what I call a stellar Vape Deal!


The Stick Prince by Smok

If you are looking for everything you need all in one vape bundle then the Stick Prince by Smok is exactly what you are looking for!

This Vape Bundle Deal includes the stick mod which has an integrated battery, and the best tank on the market; The TFV12 Prince Tank!

The Stick Prince by Smok features a slim stick mod that can easily fit into the palm of a hand and even a pocket. The 3000mAh battery is very powerful for an internal battery and has enough juice to keep you blowing clouds through the whole day!

The TFV12 Prince Tank features a bulb glass which allows for up to 8ML of e juice to be filled so it really cuts down the time of having to refill your tank. This brand new Smok Vape Tank also features the brand new Cobra Drip Tip. Let me you tell you this.. The Cobra Drip Tip alone is extremely badass!

The TFV12 Prince Tank can run wattage anywhere from 60 watts all the way to 120 watts so it fits vapers of all kinds. This vape tank produces the most amount of flavor and clouds than any other vape tank in history of vaping!


Revenger X KIT by Vaporesso

Lastly, the Revenger X Kit by Vaporesso..

This one of the best Starter Kits you can get your hands on with the start of 2018. It is a great kit to feature on the Best Vape Bundle Deals 2018 because it includes everything you are going to need besides the actually batteries themselves.

With the Revenger X Kit you are receiving the brand new, updated Revenger X box mod that has a ton of internal technology upgrades such as the brand new Omni Board 2.2. The updated Omni Board 2.2 allows for a Quick Charge System, USB Input Protection, and a RCT feature which is Remaining Charging Time. Using the ultra responsive touch screen you can get all of the information you need about your settings and options.

The revolutionary IML design makes this vape mod very durable and also environmental friendly! The Revenger X Kit comes with the improved NRG Tank which is known to produce hella flavor and lots of clouds.

Vape Juice carries the Revenger X Kit by Vaporesso in a multitude of colors. Anyone who is looking for a great Vape Bundle Deal or looking to upgrade their setup we would recommend this Starter Kit to be your first choice!

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