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Here at Vape Juice, we take serious pride in our belief that we are truly America’s best online vape store. We didn’t get to that point overnight, however. We are a team of dedicated vaping professionals with many years of industry experience, and we’ve weathered the bumps and bruises along the way in order to build something that brings a lasting and tangible benefit to the vaping community.

So, obviously, we think that we’re the best online vape shop in the country – but so does everyone else. If they didn’t, why would they be in business at all? The real question here, then, isn’t whether one vape shop or another is the best – it’s which one is best for you. Before you decide which vape shop is going to be the one worthy of receiving your hard-earned money, we have a few words of advice. How can you be sure that you’re buying from the best online vape shop for your needs? We think that every vape store truly striving to be the best needs to meet a few qualifications before it can make a serious claim to that title.

The Best Online Vape Store Should Have the Best Prices

If you’ve been vaping for more than a few years, you probably remember a time when the prices for vape gear were unbelievably high compared to what people pay today. If you’ve been vaping long enough, you may even remember a time when paying more than $1.00 per milliliter of e-liquid wasn’t robbery – it was actually completely normal.

In those days, high-end mods were equally expensive. Today, you can get a great vape mod for around $60 – and sometimes well below that. There was a time when a top-quality vaping device would set you back $250.

Today, e-liquid has reached a much more reasonable price point. We can thank sub-ohm vaping for that. As vaping equipment became increasingly powerful – and people began to use more and more e-liquid each day – the high prices of the past simply weren’t sustainable anymore. Vape juice makers had no choice but to reduce their prices, or people would simply stop buying.

While the price of e-liquid has become much more reasonable over the years, you might notice that there’s still often a difference of a few dollars in the price of any given product from one online vape store to the next.

It’s possible the higher-priced vape shops are simply trying to capitalize on the loyalty of their existing customers. After all, if you’re already used to shopping at a given site, you might not mind paying a few extra dollars for the convenience of shopping at a familiar vape store where you already have an account.

Here at Vape Juice, though, we do things a little differently. We don’t think that you’ll find a vape shop anywhere with lower prices, and that’s because we’re happy to sacrifice short-term profits in favor of long-term customer loyalty. Some might call that an old-fashioned way of doing business, but we don’t think there’s anything old fashioned about doing everything possible to maintain customer loyalty. Since we order from our suppliers in bulk, we can negotiate better wholesale prices than some other online vape stores. We pass the savings on to you; it’s as simple as that.

By the way, there’s a way to save even more money when you shop at Vape Juice. When you’re done reading this article, scroll down to the “Enter your email” field. Type your email address and click the “Join” button to sign up for our mailing list. We’ll make sure that you’re always among the first to find out about coupon codes, sales and new product releases. It really does pay to be an insider!

The Best Online Vape Store Should Have an Unparalleled Selection

One of the things that you’ll quickly learn when you buy vape gear online is that you’ll save a lot of money if you buy in bulk. That’s because many online vape stores – Vape Juice included – will cover your shipping fees if your order exceeds a certain amount. It works out in your favor if you make sure that your orders always qualify for free shipping because the extra charges can really add up if you’re paying shipping fees every time you order e-liquid.

It isn’t easy to order in bulk, though, if you don’t buy your e-liquid and your replacement coils or pods from the same place.

From the day of our launch, we knew that we wanted to make Vape Juice a true one-stop shop for vape gear. Devices, tanks, coils, pods and e-liquid – you can get it all here. That saves you time because you don’t have to jump from site to site when it’s time to buy vape gear. It also saves you money because it’s very easy to meet the requirement for free shipping when you’re buying everything from one place.

Building a true one-stop shop for vape gear isn’t easy because it requires resources that many smaller vape shops simply don’t have. We’re one of the few online vape stores that has managed to pull it off, and we’ve done it because we believe that’s the way to give our customers the best possible buying experience.

The Best Online Vape Store Only Carries Authentic Gear

If you spend any time reading about the vaping industry, you’re probably aware of the fact that counterfeit vape gear is a serious problem. The major manufacturers of vaping products are aware of the damage that fake products do to their brands, and they’ve worked hard to try and stamp out the counterfeiters. That’s not a simple task, though, when new factories can pop up overseas almost as quickly as they’re stamped out. Many of the popular manufacturers have also instituted authenticity codes that you can enter online to confirm that what you have is legitimate. Authenticity codes are imperfect, though, since most people never bother checking them if the products that they buy appear to have no problems.

Law enforcement personnel have also attempted to do their part by confiscating fake vape gear when it enters the country. There again, though, that’s an imperfect solution because customs agents don’t have the resources to open and search every box that comes in. For every major seizure of fake vape gear, it’s likely that many more products manage to slip through unnoticed.

The only way for an online vape store to make sure that it only ships authentic vape gear to its customers, then, is to always avoid buying products from gray-market sources. If you’re not sure where your distributor gets its products, you’re asking for trouble. That’s why we only buy our vape gear from the original manufacturers or from distributors directly authorized by those manufacturers. We know that our vape gear is authentic, and that’s why we guarantee the authenticity of every product sold here at Vape Juice. You simply will not get a piece of fake vape gear from Vape Juice, and we encourage you to verify that by always checking the authenticity codes on the products that you buy.

The Best Online Vape Store Wants to Help You Become a Better Vaper

We think that one of the most important things any online vape store can do is to act as an ambassador for the vaping community. It is our responsibility and our honor to empower you with information that helps you enjoy your vaping experience to the fullest extent and troubleshoot the problems that might occur along the way. How can you get bigger clouds when vaping? What should you do if you have a leaky vape? We want to make sure that, no matter what unusual situations you may encounter as a vaper, the answer will never be difficult to find. Learn something new! Stop by our vaping blog before you leave.

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