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If you’ve been vaping for a while, you know that choosing the best online vape store isn’t easy – and that’s especially the case as we close the books on 2021 and prepare for 2022. Over the past year, you’ve seen online vape stores disappear without warning. You’ve seen selections and prices change. Maybe an online vape store that used to ship to you has stopped serving your area. It’s been a lot of changes to take in all at once, and this article is going to guide you through the transition toward the new environment for buying vapes online. Obviously, we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t believe we were the best place to buy vape juice online – and in this article, we’ll discuss a few of the reasons why. These are some of the features that the best online vape shop should always have.

The Best Online Vape Shop Should Have a Large Shipping Network

One of the biggest problems that you might have encountered with buying vapes online in 2021 is that many vape shops have stopped shipping vape gear to certain areas over the past year. That’s a serious problem if it means that you’re suddenly unable to buy your favorite vape juice online, and it’s happened because all of the major shippers – USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL – have stopped delivering vaping products to consumers.

With the vape mail ban in place, online vape stores have had no other option but to assemble their own private shipping networks so they can still get products out to consumers – and we’ve worked overtime to do exactly that this year. Our private couriers are fast and reliable, and we’ve done our best to ensure that we can cover a wider area of the United States than any other vape store online. If you’re not sure whether you can buy vapes online from us, just take a look at our shipping policies page to see a list of the few areas we don’t cover (yet!).

The Best Online Vape Shop Should Understand the Burden of Compliance in a Changing Regulatory Landscape

The need to have a private courier network in place for order fulfillment is just one of the compliance challenges that online vape shops face today. The biggest challenge online vape stores faced this year was the requirement that they must all comply with the PACT Act. We were right on top of that requirement, and we published our PACT Act response immediately when the new regulation came into force in order to keep our customers informed about the changing legal landscape for online vape shops.

Our response to the PACT Act and our establishment of a private vape shipping network are just two examples of the lengths to which we’ve gone to ensure that you can buy vape juice online right here while having an experience that’s completely safe and in compliance with all legal regulations. We go to every possible length to ensure that our products are delivered only to adults, and that includes a mandatory ID check at the point of delivery. If there’s anything that the history of the vaping industry has taught us, it’s that the regulatory landscape is always in flux and will certainly continue to change as time goes by. As the compliance requirements for online vape shops evolve over the years, you can count on the fact that we’ll remain abreast of those changes and do whatever is necessary to offer you the best service anywhere.

The Best Online Vape Shop Should Have the Most Competitive Prices

As we mentioned above, you’ve probably noticed that some online vape shops have gone away over the past year and that some products like certain e-liquids and replacement coils have become difficult to find. For the products that you have been able to find, you’ve probably noticed that prices have gone up steadily throughout the year. Supply chain issues in 2020 and 2021 have affected businesses in every industry, and vape shops aren’t immune to that development. Vape juice makers have had difficulty sourcing the raw materials that they need to make their products, and all of the products that require overseas shipping – like vape pods and coils, for instance – have experienced constant delays that still have yet to resolve themselves.

Meanwhile, order fulfillment costs for vape shops are higher today than ever before. Using a private courier service for order delivery is much more expensive than standard USPS shipping, and the requirement to verify an adult’s ID at the point of delivery further adds to the shipping costs. Many online vape shops have simply passed those extra costs on to their customers, but we’ve resisted doing that as much as possible. As long as has existed, we have offered the most competitive prices anywhere for e-liquid and vape gear. We’re committed to continuing that tradition in 2022 and beyond, and we invite you to search far and wide for better prices before you buy vapes online here or somewhere else. We’re confident that you won’t find lower prices anywhere.

The Best Online Vape Shop Should Keep Up with Changing Consumer Preferences

New legal requirements and supply chain challenges aren’t the only factors that have changed the landscape of the vaping industry in 2021. The other major change is that you probably don’t buy exactly the same products that you did a year or two ago. Your preferences have changed. Maybe you’ve invested in a newer and more powerful vaping device, and that’s changed the type of vape juice that you typically buy. Maybe you’ve even developed an interest in other types of products – such as CBD oils – that don’t have anything to do with vaping at all.

We know our customers better than anyone, and we keep our fingers on the pulse of the vaping industry in ways that no other online vape shop can match. One of the ways we’re proving that is by making sure that we always have the products you want – even if that means carrying an entirely new type of product that we’ve never stocked before. We’d like to conclude this article by talking about two specific examples of what we’re doing to adapt our business to an industry in which consumers’ preferences are always changing. Now Sells CBD Oil Online

We began stocking CBD products at in 2021. We’re already stocking a wide variety of CBD oils, capsules, gummies, lotions and more, and we carry some of the industry’s leading brands, including Bluebird Botanicals and CBDMD. You can expect our selection to grow rapidly over the coming year, and we’re also offering some great introductory prices on these products because we know you’ve probably been curious about CBD for a while. Until further notice, you can use the coupon code CBD35 during checkout to save 35 percent on all CBD products.

We’ve approached our entry into the CBD market with the same zeal that has helped to make us the best online vape shop. We carefully vet our suppliers to ensure that every CBD product we sell is completely authentic and has had its quality and potency verified by a third-party laboratory. If you’ve ever been burned by the cheap CBD products that you often find at gas stations and convenience stores, you can rest assured that we offer the same safe and high-quality shopping experience for CBD products that we’ve always offered for vape gear. Now Carries Synthetic Nicotine E-Liquid

As we discuss the many ways in which the preferences of the vaping community have changed in 2021, we’d also like to call attention to the second major alteration we’ve made in order to adapt to the changing times: We are now stocking synthetic nicotine e-liquid. This is the direction in which the entire vaping industry is most likely headed in 2022 – and there’s even a possibility that searching for an online vape shop specializing in synthetic nicotine is what brought you here in the first place. We believe it is extremely likely that the vast majority of the vape juice brands in the United States will switch to synthetic nicotine by 2022, and we plan to stock tobacco-free nicotine products exclusively going forward.

What does the synthetic nicotine revolution mean for you as a vaper? If you love your vaping experience as it currently is, the good news is that, from your point of view, your experience won’t change at all. Synthetic nicotine doesn’t change the flavor of an e-liquid – or the satisfaction you derive from using that e-liquid – at all. The only difference between synthetic nicotine and traditional nicotine is that traditional nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves, and synthetic nicotine is created in a laboratory via a chemical reaction. Tobacco-extracted nicotine was the last remaining connection between vaping and traditional tobacco. With the migration to tobacco-free nicotine, that last connection has finally been severed. That’s going to help vaping stand on its own as something we always believed it to be: completely separate from tobacco.

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