Best Holiday E-Liquids 2020

One of the best aspects of the holiday season is the fact that you can enjoy a selection of seasonal flavors that you might not normally eat or drink during the rest of the year. Whether it’s a mug of mulled wine or a batch of cookies, there are some things that really taste best when they’re saved for that special time of the year.

Best Holiday E-Liquids 2020

The same can be said of e-juice!

Some people don’t need a lot of variety in their vaping routines. They’re happy vaping the same flavors pretty much all of the time. For others, though, variety is a major part of the enjoyment of vaping. Those people like to establish rotations of different flavors that they flip through during the week – and when a vape juice company comes out with something new, they’re always the first to try it.

If that sounds like you, then we bet you’re going to love the holiday e-liquid flavors on this list. Maybe you’ve never thought about seasonal vape juices before, and if that’s the case, this is going to open up a whole new world for you because it might change the way you think about your e-liquid rotation forever.

These are the best holiday e-liquids of 2020.

No. 00 by Beard Vape Co.

No 00 Beard Vape Co

Price: $10.90 / 60 ml, $15.90 / 100 ml | Buy It Now

During the holiday season, you might be a bit more likely to think about tobacco than you are during other parts of the year. Maybe it’s because the season brings back memories of enjoying cigars and cognac after dinner or smoking a bowl of fine pipe tobacco while watching the kids open their presents, or maybe it’s just because we tend to crave more savory and complex flavors as the weather begins to cool down. Either way, you can bet that you’re going to find some great tobacco e-liquids on this list of the best holiday vape juices, and No. 00 by Beard Vape Co. has to be one of the greatest of them all. This e-liquid combines notes of nutty tobacco, rich coffee and sweet milk to give you the perfect blend of sweet and savory in a single package.

Cookie Butter by Vape Pink

Cookie Butter Vape Pink

Price: $12.95 / 100 ml | Buy It Now

When it comes to holiday cookies, everyone has their own personal favorite. We’re not about to take a side in the oatmeal vs. sugar vs. peanut butter debate in this article, but we will tell you that we’ve got an absolutely ideal vape juice if you’re a fan of oatmeal cookies. That vape juice is Cookie Butter by Vape Pink. When you try this e-liquid, the realism of the oatmeal note is absolutely going to shock you. It is really almost like eating an actual cookie, and when you taste the way this e-liquid blends its oatmeal base with notes of milk and butter, you will be a fan for life.

Apple Butter by Cosmic Fog

Apple Butter Cosmic Fog

Price: $11.95 / 60 ml | Buy It Now

Speaking of desserts, we think that there is probably no dessert more quintessentially appropriate for cold weather than apple pie. The best apples of the year are always harvested in autumn, and there are always far more apples than anyone could possibly eat fresh. So, what do you do with the bounty of apples? You make apple pie, of course! Apple Butter by Cosmic Fog captures the balanced flavor of a home-made apple pie just about perfectly. You’ll get the slightly tart flavor of late-season apples first, and as the flavor develops, the notes of spicy cinnamon and flaky, buttery pie crust begin to peek through. It’s an absolutely perfect vaping experience for the holidays.

Pumpkin Cookie by Sadboy

Pumpkin Cookie Sadboy

Price: $10.95 / 100 ml | Buy It Now

Do you know how you can tell when the holiday season is beginning? It’s because, all at once, the entire world seems enveloped in a haze of pumpkin spice. You’ve got the all-time famous pumpkin spice coffee drink, of course, but it goes even further than that. These days, seemingly every restaurant releases a pumpkin spice dessert every year. Of course, there’s also the flood of pumpkin spice snacks that fill the supermarkets – and with Pumpkin Cookie by Sadboy, you can even usher in the season by vaping some pumpkin spice! This e-liquid layers the flavor of pumpkin spice over a sweet sugar cookie base to give you a flavor that you might just think is even better than the real thing.

Banana Bread by Humble Juice Co.

Banana Bread Humble Juice Co

Price: $11.95 / 60 ml | Buy It Now

Enjoying a freshly baked loaf of banana bread on Christmas morning is a treasured holiday tradition in many households. No matter how tired mom or dad might be on the big morning, they can usually find the energy to whip up a quick loaf – and banana bread is so easy to make that the result is nearly always perfect. Banana is a flavor that isn’t nearly as common in vape juice as it deserves to be, and Banana Bread by Humble Juice Co. is one of the rare exceptions. With a note of creamy banana folded into a base of cooked flour, butter and brown sugar, this is one holiday e-liquid that you might want to enjoy throughout the year.

Tiramisu Custard by The Finest Signature Edition

Price: $16.95 / 120 ml | Buy It Now

The holiday season is the time when many people dig out their most decadent dessert recipes, and there is probably no dessert more decadent than tiramisu. I mean, c’mon – it’s cookies, cheese, alcohol and sugar. What would possibly be more decadent than that? A big part of why tiramisu is such a popular dessert is because the mascarpone cheese and coffee liqueur give it a pretty complex flavor profile to go with all of the sweetness. It’s a flavor profile, in other words, that isn’t easy to capture in e-liquid form. However, Tiramisu Custard by The Finest Signature Edition absolutely nails it. All at once, you get the flavor of succulent custard mixing with notes of rich coffee and seductive vanilla – and at the back, you’ll taste just a hint of buttery cookies. Don’t let this one pass you by, friends!

Campfire by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Campfire Charlie's Chalk Dust

Price: $11.95 / 60 ml | Buy It Now

When the weather starts to become cooler, that’s when many families start to plan their yearly camping trips. There is no experience quite like warming up around a campfire at night and enjoying some s’mores with the family, and Campfire by Charlie’s Chalk Dust is the only vape juice on the market delivering a convincing rendition of that experience. Oh, there are plenty of s’more e-liquids; it’s not hard to capture the flavors of graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. The thing that Charlie’s Chalk Dust has done differently with this e-liquid, though, is that they’ve added just a hint of smoke flavor. It makes all the difference in giving you an absolutely authentic campfire experience.

Cuban Blend by Naked 100

Cuban Blend Naked 100

Price: $12.95 / 60 ml | Buy It Now

Did our reference to enjoying some after-dinner cigars during the holiday season stir up any fond memories for you? Well, there’s no need to worry, because there’s no way that we’d leave you out in the cold during the holidays. Tobacco is an extremely complex flavor to capture in vapor form, and cigar tobacco is another beast entirely; there’s a reason why the best cigars cost as much as they do. The people at Naked 100, however, have done an admirable job of capturing a little bit of the cigar-smoking experience with their Cuban Blend e-liquid. It might not be quite the same as an actual cigar, but we think you’ll find that it hits many of the same notes if you enjoy it after a great meal with a glass of cognac.

VCT Chocolate by Ripe Vapes

VCT Chocolate Ripe Vapes

Price: $15.95 / 60 ml | Buy It Now

The final tobacco vape juice on our list of the best holiday e-liquids just might be the very best of them all. Ripe Vapes has become an absolute institution during their many years in the vaping industry, and they’ve achieved their position of leadership largely on the strength of their brilliant Vanilla Custard Tobacco – or VCT – e-liquid. Few other tobacco e-liquids on the planet can compete with the perfect balance of sweet, savory and creamy flavors that Ripe Vapes has achieved, and the e-liquid was so successful that it’s been spun off into a separate line of its own. If you loved the original VCT, VCT Chocolate is a must try.

Sugar Drizzle by Cuttwood

Sugar Drizzle Cuttwood

Price: $12.95 / 60 ml, $16.95 / 120 ml | Buy It Now

One of the highlights during the Christmas season is leaving some cookies and milk out for Santa – and eating them after the kids go to bed! Sugar Drizzle by Cuttwood captures that cookies-and-milk experience flawlessly by blending a note of creamy milk with the flavor of freshly baked cinnamon sugar cookies. This one’s so good that you might just end up vaping it all year long.

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